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In the history of the gaming industry, there is a huge involvement in which we can see several numbers of gaming consoles and their controllers. Nintendo is one of the world-popular manufacturers of gaming console. It is popular for its innovative gaming consoles which are entertaining the kids and adults since the decades. This company has made lots of consoles which are fully capable to run various highly interactive games. In this article, we will explain how to sync wii remote with wii console.

Sync Wii Remote

Wii is one of those popular gaming consoles. Wii remained a tough competitor to the Xbox and PlayStation as well. It is still working well in the market. A reason behind its success might be its amazing controllers too. Whatever the console Wii offered to us, the controllers were amazing. So, in this topic, we are going to cover the same topic related to the Wii controllers.

We are going to know how to sync Wii remote. The newbies or the people who are using the Wii console for the first time faces a problem in which they find it hard to sync their gaming controllers to the gaming console. So, we are going to solve this problem with this quick tutorial given below.

What are the Wii Console and its controller?

As you might be aware that Wii console also has several further versions having different capabilities. If we talk about the Wii U, it is a handheld gaming console which needs no additional game controller to control the game play. But, when we get the Wii or Wii mini gaming consoles, we have to run it using the controllers. The core feature of these remotes is that they are wireless. But, Along with this feature, a problem also arises in which we have to sync the remote with the console.

For some people, it becomes hard to do this. If this does not happen, the Wii sensor bar will also not work and the remote will refrain to do anything you want. But, it is pretty simple to do once you are aware of its basic procedure. So, let’s get into the method of doing this process easily and know how to sync the Wii remote?

Steps to sync Wii remote with the Wii console

To start the setup process there are some important things to consider. Before doing any of the steps discussed below to make sure to:

  • Have the standard Wii remote which came along with the console or purchased from an authorized dealer.
  • This process is simple to sync a single remote with your Wii Console at a time, so make sure to exit each application if the sync is unsuccessful and try to do it again.

Perform these steps systematically

  1. Turn On your Wii console by pressing its power button
  2. In the front of your Wii console, you will see an SD card slots which you have to open. You will see a SYNC button there having a dark red color. (If you have a Wii mini, the button will in the left side along with the battery section)
  3. Take your Wii remote and open its battery cover given on the backside to find the sync button on the remote too.
  4. Some Wii remotes come with the holes on their backsides and the tool to press it. If this is your case, do not open to remote and push the button using the tool.
  5. You just have to press and release the SYNC button and the player LED on the remote will start to blink.
  6. While this light is blinking, press the SYNC button on your console immediately
  7. Then the blinking will be stopped and the light will stay lit, it is the indication that the syncing is completed. (The light which will remain lit will be the indication for the remote number one to four).
  8. Once this thing is done, you can sync additional Wii remotes easily with your console.

This is the most basic and easy solution for you if you are looking to know how to sync Wii remote with your console box. The process will be the same for both Wii and Wii mini as we discussed earlier the important thing is to find the sync buttons and press them at the correct times. By doing this procedure, you can easily SYNC your remote and start playing the games immediately.

What is the function of the Wii Sensor Bar?

It is another question that strikes the mind of Wii console users. They always find it hard to figure out what the Wii sensor bar does. Some people imagine it is used to transmit or receive the signals and some people think it is just for other communications. But as its name suggests, it helps the remote to determine its position during the gameplay.

This sensor bar uses a set of LED lights which works as a reference point for the Wii remote. There are no other applications of this Wii sensor bar other than providing a central reference point to the remote. But, along with its simplicity, it helps a lot to play the games easily and control them in a better way.

All the other wireless gaming consoles use sensing systems but Wii has used a different system to make this happen. This sensor bar can either be placed on the top or bottom of your TV screen to make the remote easily recognize the actual position of the display. It needs no syncing or configuration system to start working. You can easily plugin and start using it.

Final Verdict

In this article, we know how to sync Wii remote and easily start playing Wii games using the same. We hope there will be no problem for you while doing this process. Make sure to read the steps carefully and do them accurately with your devices. If you are not able to sync your remote even after doing this process, you can call Nintendo support anytime. Also, feel free to share your feedback regarding this post in the comment section.