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The fastest Wii U pro controller is a gaming console controller developed by Nintendo for its popular gaming console known as Wii U. Wii u was released in November 2012 officially as successor to Wii gaming console. Wii u was the first gaming console developed by Nintendo which supports HD graphics. Some things in this controller were similar to the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. This Fatest controller was so much popular at that time that people start using it for other gaming consoles to play various games.

Wii U controller pro console was very famous for its wonderful design and good quality playing buttons and joysticks. This controller is a type of eight-generation gaming controllers. It has two analog sticks, digital D-Pad, 10 digital face buttons, 2 digital shoulder buttons, and two digital triggers. This gaming console is also very popular because it works wirelessly with Bluetooth connectivity. Its predecessors were Wii Remote and Classic Controller Pro.

This gaming console was very good to play many popular games like Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty: Black ops and Trine 2. This gaming console gave hard competition to its competitors like Xbox 360 etc.

Wii U Pro Controller Features

Wii U pro controller has various features that fascinate gamers to use it instead of other gaming controllers. Its unique design and wonderful button layout make it more popular all over the world. Some of the features and specifications of this controller are as follows.

  • Dual Analog Sticks
  • Up to 80 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Best to play games of many other gaming consoles
  • Ergonomic Button Layout
  • An eighth generation gaming console
  • Wonderful look.

With its unique features and a 1300 mAh battery, it becomes one of the most wanted gaming consoles ever in gaming history.

This gaming console is also available on most online shopping platforms. The average price of this gaming console is around 140 US dollars. The price may vary according to your country and delivery locations.

Benefits of using the Wii U fast pro controller in Wii U gaming console

This controller is basically made to use in its parent console which is Wii u and there are some advantages of using this controller instead to gamepad or other gaming controllers. Once you start using this to play games, you will love it and do not want to switch to any other controller.

This gaming controller has the advantage of its comfortable design and wireless connection capabilities. It is one of the most successful controllers released by Nintendo ever. So, we are going to discuss some benefits of using this controller which is as follows.

1. A first-class controller that fulfills all needs

This gaming console is way better than the ordinary gamepads released earlier by Nintendo. It provides an additional button to control different gaming features given by the creators.

It has the ability to play high-end games with precise controls and from a certain space which is not possible in the traditional Nintendo gamepads.

So, it is better to have all the gaming experience with a decent controller rather than playing on an old and worthless gamepad.

2. Perfect for Multiplayer games

Nintendo focuses on releasing multiplayer and online games these days. So, to run with the trends and use the most out of a game, it is necessary to have a decent controller and for this reason only, it is the best controller ever.

If more than one player wants to play at the same time and at the same place, it becomes difficult to handle the gamepads with lots of wires.

So, it is better to connect your separate controller to the console and start playing instantly.

3. Comfortable controller

If we compare this controller with PS3 controllers, these are much more comfortable than ps3 controllers. While you place it in your hand, all the buttons adjust easily in your hand and you are free to use it in your own style.

This controller has a big battery life as we earlier discussed. It provides a long battery life to let your play game for as much as time you want. There will be no longer hassles of wires and boring gamepads.

4. Extra-Precise Controls

With its wonderful design and joystick quality, this controller is able to provide extra precise and pointed control options to the players. You just have to configure it and start playing to understand its controls.

Once you get familiar with the controls, you can easily play any popular game using Wii u pro controller. You can also use this controller in other gaming consoles like switch etc.

By using this controller, the games which are difficult to play by using gamepads will be easy enough for you.

Can we use fast Wii u pro controllers on other gaming consoles?

Wii u pro controller are best to use with its parent gaming console which is Wii u but if you want then you can use it on some other gaming consoles too.

Nintendo has designed this controller in a way to work for other Nintendo consoles with some other modifications and external accessories if required.

This gaming console can be used to play many popular games like Assasin’s Creed 3, Bayonetta 2 on any other gaming console. You can use it similar to other consoles by configuring it using configuration settings.

This controller is also supported to run on the most popular gaming emulators to play emulated games on our pc. Its versatility makes it more popular and most wanted among gamers from all corners of the world.

If you are also looking to buy new gaming controllers then you can go for it because it is one of the highest-rated and purchased gaming console in gaming history.

Is it possible to connect Wii u pro controller to Nintendo Switch?

As we all know, the Nintendo Switch is a very popular handheld and stationary gaming console providing lots of games to play.

But, if you want to enjoy Nintendo switch games using Wii u pro controller then it is possible too. Nintendo Switch has the capabilities to run games using this gaming controller and become Wii u pro controller switch.

This wonderful combination gives a lot of fun to gamers with high-end controls and a gaming experience. As we all know, the Nintendo Switch works as a handheld device with a given dock for connecting external devices.

So, it is possible to connect some external connecting devices which can help to configure these controllers to the switch. So, the whole process to do this method is as follows.

Steps to connect Fast Wii u pro controller to Nintendo Switch

The process is simple and easy to do with little bit of efforts and some external devices. If you have all the required equipment then you can easily do it in a little bit of time. The required tools for this process are given below with the complete setup process.


  • Nintendo Wii U pro controller
  • MAYFLASH Magic-NS wireless controller adapter
  • OTG Cable


Once you get all these items, further steps might be clear to you or I will give you them further. You just have to use them and start playing with your controller any switch games.

It is the best and easy way to connect Wii u pro controller switch easily with fewer efforts. You can reconnect them instantly by doing the same process again. So, let’s start with the whole setup process.

  1. Turn on your Nintendo Switch and put it on the Nintendo station set.
  2. Now, take the OTG cable and plug it into any port given on the sides of the station set.
  3. On the second end of OTG cable, plug in the MAYFLASH magic USB controller adapter.
  4. Now, turn on your Wii u controller and find a red sync button given on the back of the controller.
  5. Find the sync button given on the MAYFASH adapter.
  6. Press both the buttons together for around 1-2 seconds and its configurations will be synced with the console.
  7. Try using your controller to navigate Nintendo Switch.

Once you perfectly connected the Wii u pro controller switch then you are ready to play any game using your controller. You can also enjoy playing games on the bigger TV screens using Nintendo station set and your Wii u controllers.

Why Wii u pro controllers are good to use with the Nintendo switch

There are lots of reasons which make these both a good gaming combination. Lots of gamers are using these both to play lots of high-end and low-end games.

Many people prefer to play games with these controllers in the switch instead of play with original switch controllers.

Maybe this is the biggest reason for the popularity of these controllers. Reason can be anything but we will know below the most common reasons which make this combination the most wonderful in the world.

1. Wii u Controllers are fully compatible with switch games

The biggest reason to play switch games with this controller is that it is capable of running all the games playable in Nintendo switch.

Some popular switch games like Super Mario Run, Legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2, etc are good to play with this controller. You can use some extra features and a great hand on with it. Once you started playing Nintendo Wii u switch then there will be no need of any other controllers for you.

2. Easily Available

You can buy this controller easily by going to any gaming shop or from online stores. Many other gaming consoles are eligible to connect with the switch but some are discontinued and some are not easily available anywhere. If you want to connect any external controller then Wii u is the best choice for everyone.

3. Plug and Play Feature

As we discussed above, the connection process is so easy that we can do it in some seconds easily. If we use emulators or any other console, it will take a long time for connection and configuration of the controller but in this case, it will take very less time than we imagine.

With its effective sync technology and easy connection, it becomes the best way to connect Wii u pro controller switch. Also, you can adjust the controls as per your choice also.

So, these were some advantages of using the Wii u controller in Nintendo switch and there is no other effective combination of external controller and consoles available till the time.

If you are a professional gamer then it will be good for you to use professional controllers to play the games effectively.

Final Words

So, these were some details about Nintendo Wii u pro controller and Wii u pro controller switch. We have researched a lot to provide you the information and we hope that everything will be clear to you regarding the details and the whole setup process.

If you still have any questions and queries regarding the article then feel free to use the comment sections below. Share your valuable feedbacks. We would love you hear now from your side.