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GameCube (also known as Nintendo GameCube) is a home video gaming console developed by Nintendo. The console was released in North America and Japan in 2001 and Europe in 2002. This console comes under the category of sixth-generation gaming consoles. Its lifespan was from 2001 to 2007. This gaming console runs on the Dolphin operating system. It was released to compete with Microsoft Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 2. This gaming console also supports online games with the help of GameCube Broadband. It was the first gaming console of that time having the optical disc as the primary storage device. In this article, we will explain how to use GameCube Controllers in Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo GameCube Controllers

GameCube was quite popular for its controllers, high-quality games, and wide software library. Some of the specifications of this gaming console are as follows.

  • CPU: IBM PowerPC Gekko (486 Mhz)
  • Memory: 24 MB
  • Display: S Video (NTSC consoles)
  • Sound: Dolby Pro Logic
  • Input Controllers: GameCube Controller, GameBoy advance
  • Predecessor: Nintendo 64
  • Successor: Nintendo Wii
  • Portable Storage: GameCube Memory Card

These are some specifications of Nintendo GameCube which makes it more popular in all over the world. This gaming console performed very well in the international market and received lots of appreciation from its users.

Today, in this article, we are going to know some more details about popular gaming consoles like Nintendo GameCube games and Nintendo Switch GameCube Controllers and Adapters.

Why the Nintendo GameCube is so popular

There are lots of reasons for the popularity of this gaming console. The console was so much advanced at the time of its release. Nintendo had put all the efforts to make it as much refined as possible.

This gaming console is also got popular because there was no tough competitor to it at that time. So, we are going to know some points about its popularity and demand.

1. Controllers

Its controllers were so much refined and advanced at that time. There were no other controllers in its competition except PS2 controllers.

These controllers have DualShock ( dual shockers ps4 ) vibration feedback technology and a wonderful two-hand design which makes them more attractive and easy to operate. These controllers helped Nintendo GameCube a lot to get achieve popularity at its maximum.

2. Online Gaming

Nintendo GameCube is capable of running online games with the help of Internet support and Local Area Network (LAN). The only internet game released in the western countries is Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 and 2.

There were some gaming consoles at that time which was able to run online games. So, Nintendo put some effort to make it compatible with online games and make GameCube more amazing. 

3. Gaming Library

Nintendo GameCube is known for its wonderful games including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Sunshine later on. These games received great publicity and recognition all over the world.

Some more games are there in its library which helps it to achieve the success it has received. Also, some third-party companies like THZ and Ubisoft released some games for GameCube after 2007.

Best GameCube Games

There are some great games to play on Nintendo GameCube of all time. The list is not big but all the games are quite popular after having a release period many years ago. Some of the best GameCube games are highly praised and some are played much by the players.

Nintendo never lacks in the quality of games whether it is a small-sized game or a high-end game. So, we have put together below some of the best Nintendo GameCube games along with their specification.

1. The Legend of Zelda (The Wind Waker)

This game is one of the most praised games played on Nintendo GameCube. The game has wonderful Disney-style animation and various effect settings. You are capable of changing the view of games along with your transportation mediums from boats to horses.

Some people complain about the original Legend of Zelda but this version of the game is quite fantastic as compared to the previous one. This game has received lots of appreciation for its brave heart character and smooth gameplay.

2. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is an adrenaline-rushing game having a story mode of saving the president’s daughter. Unlike the previous versions of the games, it has more guns and ammo to experience booming gameplay with a number of moron comings towards you to kill you.

But you have to insert every bullet into them as feel the brutality and amazingness of the games. The game has a record break selling and you should give it try if you love these types of games.

3. Prince of Persia (The sand of time)

This game has classic gameplay with a mystic feature to jump between past and present. This game is released by Ubisoft. The whole gameplay is about the prince walking on the wall and jumping from one to another.

You should run as much as you can. If you mistakenly put a wrong step then you will have a chance to use the mysterious sand (sand dragon) and get some time back in the past and correct your step.

4. Super Mario Sunshine

The game has the same concept and design as Mario 64 but a little boost by using the power of Nintendo GameCube. While Mario was heading towards a vacation, he caught in a browser-based conspiracy and that tropical them held a great adventurous joy.

Mario is using a waterjet backpack to shoot water at the targeted objects and tackle them from a distance.

5. Metal Gear Solid (The twin snakes)

This is a great game updated with wonderful gameplay from its PS2 sequel. This game is remade by Silicon Knights (a Canadian developer) and filled with more joy and graphical updates. The game is full of fights, love, and war. The game has a story mode in which the enemy leaders are like normal humans whom you have to kill.

6. Animal Crossing

This is a simple but soothing game having some amazing animal characters. You will get several tasks in the game to do. You may have to deliver letters to a friendly cat.

This game is totally different from the violent and action games where you have to kill the enemies. These games have simple gameplay but it is good to play to have some stress relief from your daily life.

7. Star Wars Rogue Leader

This game is best if you want to know the power and capabilities of Nintendo GameCube. This game offers various action-packed levels in which you have to perform several missions in space and beat your enemies.

The game looks very good when seen on a bigger screen and your ships will do all the works which you command them to do.

8. Fire Emblem (Path of Radiance)

Fire Emblem is one of the longest and famous series of Japan of all time. The series was further launched in western countries and received lots of appreciation. This game has strategy gameplay with multiplayer choice and an addictive game environment. This game offers a great platform for strategy game lovers and that is why it is on our list of best GameCube games.

How to Use Nintendo GameCube Controllers in Nintendo Switch?

With the help of the relatively same internal working environment, Nintendo Switch can be controlled by GameCube Controllers. You can easily do this with the help of Nintendo’s official controller adapter for Nintendo Switch known as the Nintendo Switch GameCube adapter.

This adapter will help you to control all the Nintendo Switch games easily. Most people are using this combination to use this wonderful controller of GameCube to enjoy the world-famous games of Nintendo Switch.

If you want to know the process of connecting Nintendo switch Gamecube controller with Gamecube component cable then below are all the details given. But first of all, we want to introduce you to the Nintendo Switch Gaming Console.

What is Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a handheld gaming console developed by Nintendo on 3rd March 2017. It is a portable gaming console used in both stationary and handheld positions. This console has some amazing features including JoyCon Controllers, Online gaming, and options for other controller connections including GameCube controllers.

This gaming console is very popular in the category of a handheld gaming console with the capability to play many wonderful games. The switch uses Bluetooth technology to connect the controllers and screen together.

The primary use of this console is as a handheld console but some people love to play the games in the portable mode and sometimes by projecting it on the bigger TV screens.

This gaming console is available to control by the external controller by using its control input ports. We are going to utilize these input ports to effectively connect our Nintendo GameCube controllers to the Nintendo Switch gaming console. The whole step-by-step guide to do this is given below.

Steps to Connect GameCube Controllers to Nintendo Switch

The process of connecting GameCube controllers with Nintendo switch is easy but you will need an external connecting hub for this known as GameCube Controller adapter. The controller is originally made by Nintendo to ease the connection processes between the gaming consoles.

This device is available in online stores to purchase easily. Another thing, you will need for this is the official Nintendo Gamecube controller. If you have one then it’s fine, otherwise, they are also available online to purchase easily.

  1. Connect the GameCube Controller adapter with the Nintendo switch’s portable dock using its input cable.
  2. Take your GameCube controller and insert its connecting wire into any connection plug of Nintendo switch GameCube adapter.
  3. Configure the controller buttons by going to the controller menu in the home screen of Nintendo Switch.
  4. Click on A button to save the settings and you are ready to use Nintendo switch GameCube controller.

Where to get Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter?

This adapter is available to purchase on popular online shopping platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Smash Bros are also selling this product in the USA and Canada regions.

You can also get it by going to your nearest gaming console seller or a famous electronic store. This gaming console is much cheaper and trustful as compared to third-party connecting devices.

You can purchase this Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter by going to this Amazon link.


If you are a true fan of Nintendo then you will be familiar with the features of these both gaming consoles. Try to use this combination of GameCube controller with Nintendo switch and you will get a different gaming experience.

If you have any type of question or query related to this article then please share your views in the comment section below. We will feel more than happy by getting you valuable feedback.