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Dragify is a new building approach website builder which allows to user to build your stunning website by using blocks. If any user can do a basic level of coding or not an expert in programming, Dragify provide a Drag & drop functionality users can make professional-level stunning responsive websites for your business within minutes. By using Website Builder blocks users can simply drag and drop sections they like onto the area and also edit and rearrange as the requirement. In this article, we will explain what is Dragify Website Builder and its Key Features.

Do you offer a product on the website? Dragify allows a pricing table where you can drag and drop in any section you want. This tool offers a flexible Image library where you will easily add images in pages.

Three step go-ahead to build your website within minutes in Dragify Website Builder

1) Create A New Project
Before building a website in Dragify Website Builder, you need to register or log in with credentials. Then, a builder allows a space where you can add an element without coding experience.

2) Drag & Drop BLOCKS
Dragify builder provide 44 pre-defined blocks.

3) Preview And Export!
Once you have set all blocks, you can easily export HTML files to your computer system or publish them directly online through FTP.

Key Features of Dragify Website Builder

  • Ready Made HTML Sections (Blocks) – Dragify allows a 44 pre-defined HTML sections for the headers, contents, and footers
  • Drag and Drop Builder – This Website Builder provides a great feature for the HTML sections, a user can easily add elements with the drag and drop option.
  • Editing your Web pages – The user can easily edit the content, and images after the section made. If you have knowledge of coding, you can edit the HTML code in an editor.
  • Bootstrap Framework and Mobile compatible – Dragify Website Builder support the world’s popular Bootstrap Framework to build mobile compatible or responsive websites.
  • Live Publishing & Sync – If you publish your website to the server directly Dragify provides the FTP functionality. By this option, a user can be transferred your code to your web hosting address.
  • User-Friendly – Dragify Builder is good for everyone with a bootstrap framework.
  • Light Weight CMS – Dragify works as a CMS where you can edit your website online.
  • Export Your Site – User can easily export your website with Images, CSS and JavaScript.

Note: Dragify does not provide hosting with the Website builder but they provide a “Lifetime Hosting” with different plans if you need with Dragify builder. If you have already got web hosting from different providers, so don’t worry Dragify can easily export your website files throw the FTP export tool.

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