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Block Websites

Do you want to block a number of websites on Android phones or iPhones? Now a day, most people search or browsing some topic related to work and study but unfortunately unwanted websites are open with malware or malicious content. At that time, you need to block some websites on your android phone what you want. After this step, you focused on your study more and continuously work without disturbance. In this article, we will try to explain how to block websites on android.

Is blocking a number of websites are a quite difficult task? A number of people might ask some questions about security. Today, social media is a rich set of sources to communicate with other people. But unwanted and poor consequences included sometimes viruses and malware.

Therefore, the best and easy way on how to block websites on Android is often asked. A number of options available online, but we have provided the best and most secure method to help you block websites on Android and iPhone.

  • Benefits after Block a Website on android – The Advantage
  • How to Block Websites on Android?
  • How to Block websites URL in iPhone?

Benefits after Block a Website on android

  • Helps you to focus more time on your study and work.
  • You can access virus free websites.
  • Avoid time-wasting websites.

Block Websites on Android Using ES File Explorer

This is the best method to block websites on android with the help of hosts files. ES File Explorer is the best app for managing files and programs. It provides a multitude of features such as a tool for block URL or cloud storage. ES File Explorer can block a website in a super convenient way with the text editor command.

First, it comes with the host’s file, and then add the URL address you want to block. We recommended this method to manage files and block websites on Android through hosts files.

  • First, you need to download ES File Explorer app on your android device from Google Play Store.
  • Install the File Explorer app on your Android phone and open it.
  • Now you are in the root folder of ES File Explorer app, find ect file on your phone and open it, and search the host file.
  • Tab on the host’s file and after that show the small screen.
  • Navigate to as text editor. The path is given below.

Path: Open as Text mode –> Go to ES Note Editor –> tab on the edit

In the last step, Add the number of website names you want to block. Now you need to reboot the device to prepare settings.

How to Block websites URL in iPhone?

It is quite difficult to block websites on iPhone. But we provide a useful method that is compatible with almost all iPhone versions. Follow some steps to block malicious on iPhone and iPad.

  • First, go to app setting on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Enable Restrictions after click on General.
  • Set a new passcode and block websites on iPhone and iPad with set passcode.
  • Search websites option and tab it.In this step, you can easily add a number of website for blocking mode.

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