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Why Recover Unsaved Word Document? Microsoft Office is a powerful software for presentation, writing a document, and managing data in the proper way. In Every version, Microsoft changes some feature and add some property to improve functionality.

Microsoft Office provides the auto-save functionality for a document. Sometimes due to power failure or any other region, you have lost data. In that case, you need to recover your document without any loss. In this article, we will try to explain how to recover unsaved word documents.

Microsoft Word has provided an auto-save functionality in the latest version, but by mistake, users close your word document or documents not show in your save folder. We have provided some methods to recover unsaved word documents.

Method 1. Quick recover unsaved word document with search .asd option

  • Go to start window in your computer system left bottom
  • Tab on File Explorer.
  • Type .asd into the search input field.
  • Press enter key on your system keyboard.
  • Wait a moment and see all list file.

Method 2. Recover from Recent Documents

  • Just open Word software and tab on the File menu.
  • Choose Recent in the drop-down list.
  • Scroll down and see your recent documents in the bottom.
  • Select recover unsaved documents option.
  • A new window open with saved drafts option.
  • Click on Save to restore Word.

Note: This method works only for Office Word 2013 only.

Method 3. Recover from Manager Versions

  • Open the Microsoft Office and select a new file.
  • After that click the File tab and tab on Info.
  • Tab on Manage Versions option and choose recover unsaved documents.
  • You will see the all unsaved files list.Choose the file and click Open.

Method 4. Recover from temporary files

You can find the temporary files on your computer with the below path.

Path: C:\Users\System_User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles

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