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Now a day everyone wants to get fast and free web services. Bootstrap is an interactive free online front-end tool for designing a webpage. This is an open-source framework that works with HTML and CSS for creating a good-looking design.

Bootstrap is the most reliable and popular front-end tool for developing a mobile-friendly environment. It also works with JavaScript framework for a fast-loaded web interface. Bootstrap is the rich set of components to create an interactive design, which creates an animated button with forms. These provide their own classes for design tables, modals, and much more with JavaScript plugins. In this article, we will explain what is bootstrap jumbotron and how we use it.

If you want to create a good-looking and attractive web application, you need to use a Bootstrap component. Bootstrap jumbotron flexible component for creating a big box with content. It’s a very lightweight and attractive grey box with corners rounded shape. Bootstrap jumbotron allows to automatically increase the size of headings and their content.

Why Creating A Bootstrap Jumbotron With Bootstrap CDN

The jumbotron Bootstrap allows creating a showcase for content on a web page. Do you want to create a web page with round corners box? you should add a jumbotron class in between container classes. How to create a Jumbotron class with the container as shown below code.

For Example :

<div class = “container”>
<div class = “jumbotron”>
<h1>Welcome to TricksBucket</h1>
<p>TricksBucket help you to give solutions of your problem. It guides to learn about android, windows, IOS, Free Recharge Tricks, Working Promo Code etc.</p>

If you have no need to create a grey box with round corners, just move the jumbotron to outside the container.

Bootstrap jumbotron with Bootstrap CDN

Sometimes taking too much time to load a web page and response time is the increase. At that time load Bootstrap CDN or host Bootstrap yourself with MaxCDN support. MaxCDN allows to provide a minified CSS and compiled JavaScript link for a web application. Just add the below link to your website head section for fast execution time.

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=””>

<script src=””></script>

Advantages of Bootstrap Jumbotron

1. Bootstrap Jumbotron class is easy to use with HTML and CSS.
2. Jumbotron has supported the responsive function. It is automatically adjusted to desktops, phones, and tabs.
3. Jumbotron Bootstrap compatible with all types of browsers.

Note: If you’re new to Bootstrap we recommend you need to learn the little basics of Bootstrap and move forward with the component.

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