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An apps and services subscription process varies with the business model on the Store. Some app allows accessing content or features after subscription with a limited amount of time. When app subscription duration ends, auto-renewable subscriptions will automatically renew until a user cancel the subscriptions. In this article, we will explain how to cancel app subscriptions on iOS.

App Subscriptions that automatically renew include on iOS:

  1. Apple provides Music Individual Subscriptions (Monthly or Annual).
  2. Allow subscriptions for News.
  3. Newspaper subscriptions.
  4. Subscriptions for Magazine.
  5. Apple provides subscriptions to many apps which is available in the App Store.
  6. Online memberships for students and Families.
  7. Apple allows getting services from Netflix or Spotify and HBO NOW etc.

About Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

Auto-renewable app subscriptions allow the best way to offer free trials period to users. When the user signs up for a free subscription trial, their free subscription trials start at the time but they won’t pay any charges regarding subscriptions until the free trial is over. After signup, you can choose a subscription-free trial duration of either 3 days, 1-2 weeks, 1-2 months, 6 months, and 1 year.

How to manage app subscriptions on iOS

At the time of update season in iPhone, users manage the number of unnecessary subscriptions in the records or cancel ios app Subscription. Here’s we will explain how to cancel app subscriptions on iOS. Follow some simple steps to cancel service or clean your subscriptions from your iOS.

Cancel app subscriptions On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Follow these steps to cancel app subscriptions with your Apple ID

  1. First, go to the settings app on your iPhone to clean useless app subscriptions.
  2. Tap the Apple ID at the top of the screen, then go to iTunes & App Store section.
  3. You will see the Apple ID. Tap it, and select “Show Apple ID” in the popup.
  4. You will need to use Touch ID or PIN to view account detail.
  5. After sign in click on the subscriptions option.
  6. Tab each subscription that you want to change or simply cancel the service.

Use the above steps to manage or cancel your subscription. If you still face the problem with subscriptions Apple ID, You can check some top-level steps.

Note: You can select a different subscription offer, or tap Cancel Subscription to clean your subscription. If you cancel, all current billing cycles will stop regarding your subscription.

Clean or Cancel app subscriptions on your Mac or PC

Simple steps to managing subscription On your Mac or PC

  • Open iTunes for clean up useless app subscription.
  • After that sign in with Apple ID.
  • Select the Account at the top of the menu bar in your computer iTunes window and choose View My Account in the drop-down.
  • Enter your password and press Enter key.
  • Click on the View Account for account information.

On the Account Information page:

  • First, go to the Settings section.
  • you will see the list, click on Manage link as your requirement.
  • Click on Edit to cancel or manage your subscription.

Cancel app subscriptions on Apple TV (4th generation)

  • Go to Settings and select Accounts.
  • Under Subscriptions screen, select the Manage Subscriptions option.
  • Select the subscription that you want to cancel or edit.

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