In the application system, an emulator plays a most important role like a software or drive device that builds the virtual system environment for the guest to run software and applications. Do you want to use iPhone apps but you don’t have iPhone or iPad then you can take the help of an iPhone emulator. With the help of an iPhone emulator, you can use your favorite iPhone apps or games on your pc. iPhone Emulator basically works like a guest on a PC.

When you download it on your PC, it emulates the IOS (Apple Operating System) environment on windows and it really helps us to download iPhone apps and games. IOS emulators run apps, games without an iPhone or any kind of device.

In this article, we will introduce some best iPhone emulators for pc.

Best Emulation Software for iPhone

The Benefits of iPhone Emulators

There are many benefits of iPhone emulator for PC. Which are:

  1. They allow iPhone or Andriod or IPad apps and games to work on your pc or in other words on the different operating systems.
  2. The best thing about iPhone emulators is that you don’t have to pay to download it on your PC. They come free of cost.
  3. They are very easy to use it on a PC. You just have to follow its instructions to use them very easily.

Top 11 Best iPhone Emulator for PC

There are many iPhone emulators available on internet. But some best iPhone Emulators for PC as given below.

1. Mobione

It is one of the best Emulator which allows the user to install IOS application and games on your PC. It is also helpful for app developers. All you just have to download it on its website and it will be very easy to install.

After that, you will be able to use it easily. You can create IOS apps on it. This is run fast and performed better as compared to others.

Platform: Mac, Windows-based

Pricing plans: Free

2. IPadian Emulator

IPadian is perhaps the most user-friendly iPhone emulator. All you just have to download it and After downloading it will create an interface on your pc that looks like a view on IPad.

You will be able to use IPad apps and play games on it. You can get the amazing apps on your pc like Siri, TVOS, Messanger.

Platform: Windows, Mac

Pricing plans: Paid/Free

3.  Smartface Emulator for window 10

Smartface is also one of the best iPhone emulator for PC that allows you to download cross-platform native IOS apps. It really helps an app developer to flexibly work on apps very easily.

It has some basic features like a JavaScript library, a single JavaScript codebase, testing apps and debugging.

4. Air iPhone Emulator

It basically creates a similar copy of the iPhone on your pc which helps you to see the actual screen. For using its apps and games on your pc you, first of all, have to download it and install it.

5. iPad Simulator 

It is a Google Chrome extension. If you don’t have a budget to use IPad you can download this emulator to use it on your pc.

You can use basic IPad apps like Imessanger app on your pc free of cost and also you can use Siri on your PC. You will be able to access everything on the cloud.

There is also a drag and drop apps option for the user. It is basically a multitasking simulator.

You can easily find apps with search because there is also a search option on the side screen when you download it. Apart from that, you can also use a screensaver.

6. iPhone Simulator for PC

It is easily one of the best iPhone emulator app you will ever found. It is a good emulator to test your underdeveloped apps. It can work as an iPhone clone as it has the best graphics.

But it has a disadvantage. Apple app store does not work in this app but this is the only disadvantage it carries. One of the advantages it has that it supports every version like iPhone, IPad, IOS.

Platform: Mac

Pricing plans: Free

7. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

If you just want to play games 3ds emulator best for you because compare to the n64 emulator Nintendo emulator performs well. It is a very good emulator for playing high definition games and 3-D games.

It became very popular in a very short time. It is capable of running all the games of your iPhone on your pc very smoothly.

8. Appetize IO Emulator for PC

It really allows you to use iPhone apps and android apps on your PC. If you are the developer of the apps this emulator is very useful for you.

It has very good features that are capable of running any iPhone model apps on your PC. It is basically free software to start every 100 Minutes every month then starts at 0.05 dollar every month.

Platform: Web (browser-based)

Pricing plans: Free, Premium

9. Testflight for Xamarin

It is one of the useful emulator you will ever see. You just need to download it and you will be able to use ios apps of iPhone on your PC very smoothly.

You can use basic IOS free apps on your PC which is difficult to run on windows because they don’t run in windows and it takes a better emulator to run it on PC.

It has a disadvantage that it doesn’t come free you need to pay for it and you will have to pay at least 25 dollars per month to use it.

Platform: Mac

Pricing plans: Free

10. Imame Emulator for PC

Image is also a good emulator if you just want to play iPhone games on PC and you don’t want to use iPhone apps.

It is possible for you to download all kinds of iPhone games without any problem. You can play every version like IOS g, IOS 10 games.

11. IOS Emulator

The last name of the emulator is the IOS emulator which is also a fantastic emulator. It will give you the best experience to use the IOS app without any problem.

I hope this all above information is useful for you. If you have any query regarding the iPhone emulator for pc please feel free to contact us or share your experience in the comment box after using the iPhone emulator.