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Do you want to install WordPress on Hostgator? WordPress is the best CMS blogging system. Which allows users to edit, customize and manage their CMS website. Whenever we think of starting a blog, we become confused about lots of options, such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.

What blog platform we select depends on what we want to do with the blog. If you want to be a blog just for fun or to maintain your personal journal, then you can use BlogSpot,, or Tumblr because they are free and also easy to manage.

If you are building a blog to promote your business or earn money, then use a professional platform like (self-hosted).

WordPress is the best blogging platform, with 30% of the website running around the world. WordPress is quite easy for the beginner, and the first step to installing WordPress is to have your own hosting account.

If you are a student and you need hosting, we recommend some free web hosting for students on Hostgator. After that, provide the space for installing files or WordPress.

In addition to the help of c-panel, you can also be installed WordPress on Hostgator.

HostGator allow many ways to install WordPress onto the server but we recommend the two best way as given below.

  • Quick Install
  • Manual

In this article, we will explain how to install WordPress on Hostgator using the QuickInstall and Manual on HostGator.

Using a quick install of Mozo Merlapless, WordPress is the fastest and easiest to install in your hosting. Using this, your WordPress will be installed in a few moments and you will also be able to run it.

There are several such paths in the Hostgator. With the help of this guide, you will install WordPress on the Hostgator server.

Install WordPress on Hostgator with QuickInstall

The WordPress installation guide will only discuss the process of QuickInstall. With its help, your WordPress is ready within 5 minutes and you have your own WordPress website.

First, log in to your Hostgator web panel and click on the ‘QuickInstall’ option in the options given there.

Hostgator is also the service data of WordPress installation, which costs a lot of money. With this money, this service only installs your WordPress and gives a simple theme. It is only right to choose it.

After selecting the ‘QuickInstall’ option, a new page opens. Select the domain in which you have to install your WordPress.

Here you have two options, you can install your WordPress by selecting the root directory or the subdirectory. Below are the two dummy URLs are given.

  • Root Directory:
  • Sub Directory:

Keep in mind that your username should not be ‘Admin’ because it makes hacking very easy. It’s better to place your email ID instead of this. After this, once again see all your settings, because without this you can’t access the admin dashboard.

Quick Install sets your WordPress blog so it will try to sell you a variety of themes during this time. After this, your WordPress will be installed in a few moments and you will receive an email with your dashboard link, username, and password.

You can easily operate your WordPress dashboard at HostGator. Now, go to ‘’ and do not forget to replace with your actual domain name.

After this, add the theme, plugin, etc. to your WordPress site and create your stunning website in WordPress.

Is Manual Install WordPress on Hostgator India?

Have you ever purchased hosting from Hostgator India or want to create a WordPress blog or website? This is a step-by-step guide that will tell you how to install WordPress on Hostgator India hosting.

Hostgator offers custom cPanel to manage your domains and hosting and offers standard cPanel offers to manage to host. I will tell you how to start with their custom cPanel and then how to go into their hosting cPanel for a WordPress installation.

It’s easy steps and nobody can do it without any technical knowledge. So let’s bring a cup of coffee and start your first WordPress blog setup and start the tour in the next 10 minutes.

How to install WordPress on Hostgator India:

I assume that you have purchased hosting from Hostgator India and the first thing you need to do is to point your domain to the hosting account. I also assume that you have made your domain name point with Hostgator India hosting account.

If you did not do this, then go ahead and complete it. Now follow all the steps mentioned below and soon your WordPress blog will be up and running.

First, go to and log in with your credentials which are provided by Hostgator. Tap on Manage Orders> List and Search Orders.

Tap on the domain name under Product hosting. (See in the screenshot below)

On the next page, scroll down to that section, where hosting is written in India, (this can also be multi-domain Linux hosting and single-domain Linux hosting too) according to your package.

Click Manage Web-hosting and it will open a pop-up that will take you to the account of cPanel hosting. You can also click on admin details on it, which will give you the direct link to your hosting account and login credentials.

After login, you will see the cPanel window look like the below screen:

Now find the ‘Softaculous apps installer’ section and this is where your WordPress blog and many CMS like Drupal, Joomla, and much more can install. (See in the screenshot below)

Here is the fastest and fastest way to install WordPress on your hosting account. Click on WordPress and it will take you to that page, where you have to configure some basic settings for the installation of WordPress. Click Install and configure the options. Select protocol and Domain on which you want to install WordPress.

By default, Hostgator will select wp as the directory and I suggest you remove it. If you do not want your WordPress blog to be installed in a directory like, I recommend that you install it on the WordPress main domain.

Sitename: After that Give your site a name in the Sitename field and add a description to your site in three to four words. You can change your site name and site description in the WordPress dashboard setting section.

This is where you will configure login details for your WordPress blog. Keep in mind that you can choose any and none other than admin. Also, use a complex password.

If you have not created an admin email, you can add it later and add an email for now that you have access.

Click Install and this will take about a minute to complete your WordPress blog.

We hope this article is best for you on how to install WordPress on Hostgator. You may also want to see How To Block Websites On Android.