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In the field of networking, the wireless bridge has its own special applications. This type of bridging helps us to connect two parts of a wireless network which are separated by a huge or small distance. The wireless bridges help us also to get a more powerful and precise internet connection over huge distances. The main purpose of wireless routers is to connect the wireless network to Ethernet connections.

A wireless bridge is a layer 2 device in the OSI model. The wireless bridges help us to easily connect one network to another easily by using wireless connections. These bridges are used widely in the networks as compared to the routers because they provide great power to make the connection establishments through huge distances.

The wireless bridge is widely utilized in daily life and business applications too. Most of the firms prefer using these bridges as compared to the routers.

How Does a Wireless Bridge Work?

The main purpose of the wireless bridge is to connect two access points together. You can connect two different routers, Wi-Fi networks, or AP using the wireless bridges. As compared to wired bridges, wireless bridges give us access to networks that are originally available at distances.

The bridges are created using the Access point routers which transmit the signals in 360-degree patterns. This helps us to have the coverage in a more spread area. If you want to use a bridge for longer ranges. The basic function of a wireless bridge is simple if we use it for general purposes.

Different types of multiple connections can also be created using wireless bridges. In this way, it becomes a good way to connect two or more different connections with each other using wireless networking.

Need for Line of Sight

There is a huge misconception in people that we need higher frequency ranges to operate the bridges for long-distance applications. But, if we have a couple of obstacles between our line of sight, we can easily create the connections using lower frequency ranges.

The lower frequencies are better at penetrations as compared to higher frequency ranges. So, it is possible to have weak signals over huge distances but you can easily overcome this issue by using lowered frequency connections. The quality of connections may also depend upon the routers and the power of the primary connection too.

While creating a bridge between two different access points, you should take care to connect both the routers of the same manufactures.

What are the Applications of a Wi-Fi Bridge?

A WiFi bridge (wireless bridge) is widely used to add printers and computers in remote areas to the networks without using cable connections.

Imagine a huge network of computers connected to a network through an access point. If you want to connect some remote systems to the network without the help of wired connections, we bridge can help you in this.

A wireless bridge can be used in different forms too. It has various other applications for different works including:

  • Powerline networks
  • Cellular hotspots
  • Wireless games
  • 11 networks etc.

The Wi-Fi bridges do not necessarily require a line of sight network. The connection can easily be established out of the line of sight. The bridges can be created anywhere and the signals will be transmitted through the air.

The bridges can be used for creating the connection between the remote devices whether they are wired or wireless. WiFi bridges have various advantages over other types of connection by which they become much popular in the networking field.

The Applications of Wi-Fi Bridges in the Gaming Field

Most people use these bridges to play games remotely in different locations. Different systems can also be connected using wi-fi bridges. With its help, we can easily play games wirelessly with our friends easily.

Using a network switch, an enabled internet connection, and an access point, we can easily connect different ports using wireless connections. In this way, wi-fi bridges become more popular in this field.

The gamer prefers using different bridging modems by which they can establish more powerful and long-distance connections.

Type of Wi-Fi Bridges

The wi-fi bridges are classified into two different parts. According to their applications and working parameters, we can easily justify these classifications.

The Wi-Fi bridges are available to purchase as physical devices or we can use two different access points or routers to do this. So, the two main types of wireless bridges are as follows.

  1. Point to Point (ptp) Bridge

This is the basic process of connecting two networks using a bridging connection. In this process, we use two different connections and use them individually to connect with each other.

In this process, we need two different access points to create a bridge using each other at two different locations.

  1. Point to Multi-Point (PtMP) Bridge

This bridge uses a root bridge or base station bridge which establishes a good connection between two different connections. The connection established using the ptmp bridge is much stronger and can be used on longer distances too. In big organizations, schools, and hospitals, ptmp bridges are strongly recommended. These bridges are used in large campuses where the requirements of wireless networks are more.

What is DirecTV Wireless Video Bridge?

DirecTV Wireless Video bridge allows the users to send signals throughout their homes. Using your SWM splitter you can easily make your house full of powerful video networks. This bridge can be used with 8 C41W Wireless Genie Minis.

The bridge helps us to boost the signal strength and provide the signals in any type of wide campuses including houses, organizations, schools, hospitals, etc. It can be connected to 8 minis but only 3 clients can be active at a single time. It covers a huge area of 70 feet and 5 walls.

In this way, it becomes the best solution for making our houses full of strong video signals of Genie minis. It is required to have the SWM network and working Genie system.

Features of DirecTV Wireless Video Bridge

  • You can use multiple video bridges can be used inside a home
  • Silent and fan less operations
  • Approximate range of about 50 to 70 feet
  • Needs HR34, HR54 or HR44 to send video
  • No complex configuration is required, just turn it on and it turns on with a solid blue light.

Various other features are there which makes this bridge highly effective in this field. Also, you can use one wireless video bridge at a single account. It is connected via a coaxial cable and then creates a wireless network through the minis.

You will get an external power adapter and wireless bridge inside its box. No activation is necessary for this wireless bridge. You just have to turn it on and start using it.

You can easily purchase this product from online stores or from your nearby electronic store. The bridge comes at very fewer prices and offers you the desired facilities effectively.

Also, the DirecTV Genie Mini is also available to purchase on online selling platforms.

So, if you want to have a good signal strength in your home then this product is best to choose for you. So, make sure to purchase it as soon as possible and have a good DirecTV experience inside your home.

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Final Verdict

With all these things, we hope you have understood everything related to the wireless bridge, wi fi bridge, and DirecTV bridge. Make sure to connect the bridges effectively to make secured and fast connections.

Also, take necessary actions to keep the networks secured and functional. We have tried to cover each topic related to the bridges in this article. Make sure to share your valuable feedback in the comment section. Share this article with your loved ones too.