Best Free VST Plugin 2021

VST plugin provides extra functionalities to the digital audio workstation (DAW). VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is an audio external software or tool that does the work of integration in the digital audio workstation of effects and software synthesizer. It uses digital signal processing technology to replicate or simulate the recording studio hardware into the software.

VS technology is used to overcome the hassles of installations of external hardware whose work could be done easily with the help of small software. This technology has increased the reliability and functionality of advanced audio modules because there are no hardware requirements, everything work upon software.

So, the customization becomes easy. Lots of vst plugins are available to make our mixing and editing work easier. In this article, we will explain the free VST plugin 2020.

VST Plugins

What is a VST plugin?

These plugins are used for adjustments, analyzing and controls. There are various types of VST free available who are used these days in studios, recording stations, radio, and music industry. The plugins are highly advanced that anyone can do and observe any type of audio frequency and sounds. The plugins can emulate the original designs of the tool and these could perform the functions same as original sonic characteristics.

The most earlier and popular VST plugin was Steinberg Cubase 3.02 which was released by Stenberg in 1996. It includes various VST plugin interface like Stereo echo, Espacial, Choirus, and auto planner.

Types of VST plugins

VST plugins are generally of three types which are listed below. You can get your desired vst plugin free download from the links below.

  1. VST Instruments

This VST is also known as VST samplers and VST synthesizer. The most common VST effects instrument plugins are FM8, Nexus, Massive, Omnisphere, Reaktor etc. They are capable to emulate the designs and sounds like the original synthesizers.

  1. VST Midi Effects

It does the job of converting MIDI incoming audio signals into other VST instruments or devices

  1. VST Effects

These plugins are used to process the audio. They allow us to bring different effects to the audio signal and let them analyzed with the help of software.

Which are the Best Free VST Plugins 2021?

If you are looking to get a perfect and unmatched VST plugin to perform or analyze any audio signal or to amplify them too. You can use some of the best and free vst plugins. These plugins are offered by different developers to give its users the desired functionalities like reverbs, audio enhancement, spectrum analyzations, audio conversions etc. Below are the top 10 VST plugins available to perform a different kind of functions.

  1. TAL-Noise Maker VST plugin

TAL-Noisemaker is a highly featured vst plugin with two oscillators and capable of performing lots of audio functioning like fine tune, phase control, Volume ADSR control, delay and reverb correction, master tune and transpose etc.

This tool is free to download and use for Windows and MAC operating system devices. If you want to have a vst plugin free download then TAL-Noise Maker is the best choice for you. Do you save TAL-Noise Maker VST plugin? You can go to its official website and download it by clicking on the download buttons.

  1. Spitfire Audio: Labs

Spitfire audio provides us complete solutions for different types of music equipment. You will not get all the audio plugins in a single software but you have to download different tool for its dedicated work.

Some of the instrument types available on Spitfire audio labs are Feel Guitar, Modular Piano, Synth Pads, Choir, Charango etc. You can get your desired vst plugins free download here and start using them after you get this software. You can go to the official website of spitfire and get any of the plugins from there.

  1. Camel Crusher VST plugin

It is another free VST plugin available for Windows and Mac devices. It is the most commonly used VST plugin by DJ and music composers too. Music is being generated and analyzed with the help of software these days and no one is using original tools.

CamelCrusher is also developed to overcome the limitation of hardware requirements and hassles. It offers us lots of functions like distortion filters, easy to use a compressor, MIDI learn and various other features. These tools provide you variety of audio frequencies to get the desired audio output in different formats. You can go to its download website and download it for free anytime.

  1. VK-1 Viking Synthesizer

It is used as an analog monophonic synthesizer offering three oscillators, two module channel, ladder filter simulation which result in the output of authentic sound. It provides the functions of presets in synthwave, soft lead, Percussive lead, Electo bass, bright lead etc.

Its three wave oscillator provides the high-end audio outputs as desired in different formats. There are lots of filters given in this plugin like spacing, decay, sustain, resonance, and lots more. It is one of the widely used audio best VPN plugins 2020 available for free. You can go to its official download page and get it for free.

  1. Glitch 1.3

As its name suggests, Glitch 1.3 perform the functions of providing various mind-wobbling effects to the incoming audio signals. It can give a variety of effects including reversed, reshuffled, repitched, bitcrushed effects etc.

This tool is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems for free. It is capable of giving the effects which are difficult to do in other best vst plugins 2020. You can go the official download page of Glitch 1.3 to download it in your system.

  1. TAL-Reverb 4

This is one of the most simple and widely used free vst plugins available till the time. You can do some simple functions with this plugin but its results are amazing. Besides its simple design and easy interface, it can give you the audio outputs which are not available in any high-end best vst plugin 2020.

It provides various functions like size, defuse, delay, and low cut/high cut equalizations. Is only supports stereo channels. It will work almost on all audio material and inputs. You can download this free vst plugin by going to its official download page here.

  1. Piano VST plugin

This vst plugin is in our list because it is highly used and reliable tools till the time. It is capable of creating piano acoustics. It is not highly recommended because of its limitations in the features like resonance, mechanical noises, HD velocity layer etc.

This piano vst plugin is available for windows and mac devices. The samples used in this plugins are from Yamaha C7 grand piano and recorded by its developer Sound Magic’s recording technology.

Do you want to Download Piano VST plugin Free? You can go its official download page and download it for free.

  1. Acoustica Nightlife

It falls under the category of vst instrument plugin providing various advanced functions. It creates wonderful audio output in different styles. It is full of the features like EDM, trance styles, flexible mod matrix, bit crusher, dual filters etc.

It includes three oscillators to be controlled only with the clicks of our mouse. It also provides us different filters like cut, resonance, key etc. It also has vowel filters which are controlled with bouncing ball graphics interface.

It is an open-source available as vst plugin free download. Download Acoustica Night life vst plugin? You can go to its official download page and download it for free from there.

  1. Synister

Synister is another free and open-source VST plugin used by many music directors and DJ. This tool gives us ways for easy modulation with the reach at different effects and modifications. It has both AU and VST support. It is an audio synthesizer with some advancer features like bass, dual filters, bit crusher etc. Go to its GitHub repository and download for free.

  1. Remixx

This vst plugin is introduced by VST vault to provide various audio effects and functions. The functions included in this plugins are attack, delay, sustain, release, pan, pitch, glide etc.

It produces high-notch audio outputs with a reach at different audio formats. It is considered as one of the best VST plugin 2020. Go to the official download page of Remixx and download it for free.

OBS VST plugins for Virtual Studio Technology

OBS studio is a fully featured and highly recommended video streaming and recording platform. It gives us customizable solutions for every kind of audio and video requirements.

Fortunately, there are lots of obsvst plugins offering the features of performing various audio adjustments during the streams and audio recording. You can make use of these plugins and get the features which are not available in any other obs vst plugins.

  1. Reaplugs Virtual Studio Technology plugin

This plugin used in OBS studio provides lots of additional functionalities to the obs studio. You can use this for live audio mixing and modifications.

It has lots of features like hold control, wet/dry mix, soft knee support, lookahead etc. You can get this plugin by going to its official download page here

  1. Ozone VST plugin

This tool is developed by isotope and it is widely used by youtube and twitch streamers to enhance their audio quality. It provides various advanced features with a wonderful user interface.

It has the functions of balancing, taming, cut, resonance etc. To get this free obs vst plugin then go to its official download page.

Some Advanced but Paid VST plugins

There are some highly advanced and fully featured VST plugins used by music composers and streamers. These best Paid vst plugins provide us some features which are missing in most of the free plugins.

  1. Refx Nexus Vst Plugin

This free vst plugin is packed with lots of advanced features like Master, Delay, Reverb etc. You can get refx nexus vst plugin free download by going to the link given below:

  1. Spectrasonics Omnisphere Plugin

This is another highly advanced and recommended for high-end audio mixing and creations. It is one of the topmost virtual studio technology vst software and preferred for film productions and world-class DJ systems. You can purchase this tool by going to its official website.

How to Use VST Plugins?

VST plugins are hosted within Digital Audio Workstations. These plugins perform the functions which should be performed by some external devices, mixers or instruments. To use these plugins, you need to interface the plugin with your DAW there are two methods for it.

If you want to insert the audio channel, it will be placed directly with the existing audio chain and if you want to use it as an audio channel then you can interface it directly with your DAW.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIDI is a protocol which uses many VST plugins. DAW has loaded MIDI track on the VST plugin. To create an audio output it gives a response to the MIDI data sent from DAW or external MIDI controller. This mixing is useful for complex mixing and live performances.

How to choose your vst plugin?

As discussed above, lots of VST plugins are there giving advanced and highly satisfying results with their outputs. You can use your desired vst plugin according to your need.

If you are using them for streaming and recording purposed then VST 2.x and ozone is highly preferred or if you are going to do advanced projects then you can go for omnisphere and other high-class virtual studio technology vst software.


These were some details about vst plugins and their details. All the given vst plugins are highly tested and used by the professionals. You can see detailed information about these plugins by going to the given links.

If you have any type of questions or queries regarding the article then use the comment sections below. We will feel more than happy by getting your valuable feedback.

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