How to Choose Best Virtual Reality Headset for PC

Virtual Reality Headset allows the user to watch any 360-degree videos and also it gives you the option to play games and you will feel like you are in the game and play it yourself. In a short period VR headsets are actually getting popular day by day, So first of all need to know about virtual reality. You can actually get its meaning from its name which is virtual reality. Virtual is Existing in essence but not in reality but Reality is Actually existing or real. So basically virtual reality headset takes you into another world which you will find real but you are actually not in there, For example, if one wear a reality headset and any famous place’s tool is loaded there then you will feel like that you are actually there. In this article, we will explain, how to choose the best Virtual Reality headset.

Confusing Question about Best Virtual Reality headsets

Virtual reality headsets are basically of two types mobile or tethered. Mobile basically divides your screen into two parts and it turns your phone into VR device.

But for the best VR experience your phone needs Gyroscope and all other work is done by your phone but in reality your phone even with best lenses can’t give you the best picture or in other words they are not designed for Virtual reality and since tethered headsets are physically connected with PC and with amazing features like built-in motion sensors and external camera tracker gives you amazing VR experience.

Which VR headset is the best?

As I have mentioned earlier that it is very difficult to choose which the best virtual reality headset is but there are few qualities a VR headsets should have for the best Virtual Reality experience which are It should have best lens quality for the best vision.

Its adjustability should be the best as it helps to get the best experience. It should also be wireless which only certain VR headset is on the market as it helps for the amazing gaming experience. Its weight also matters because a heavy headset will make your head heavy while using it.

Are the virtual reality headset worth it?

Basically VR headsets are really worth it. They give you amazing experience of gaming and watching videos because you can feel like you are in the game or video such as in the racing car game you will actually feel like you are driving or while watching a video in which you are in the helicopter you can turn your head 360 degrees and you will feel like you are actually sitting in the helicopter so they make you forget the real world as long as you are wearing virtual reality headsets.

Are Virtual reality headset safe?

As I have mentioned earlier that they safe for eyes even for the young ones and they are also good for the brain in many ways such as training, learning, social interactions but it also has some limitations that one should not spend too much time using VR headsets as they can affect eyesight. Also, there is headset which is not adjustable and tight which affects us badly.

Top 5 Best virtual reality headset

The only problem one can face is to choose which VR headset one should choose because in the market there are a lot of varieties of VR headsets are available.

But there is one advice you should understand that you get what you pay for. We have list of some best Virtual Reality headset and each of them has their own benefits and strengths and also weaknesses and they are given below.

1. Virtual reality HTC Vive (Overall The Best)

Htc Vive headsets are considered for the best virtual reality headsets. It has some best features such as its user will have the option of choosing hundred of games on SteamVR and Viveport platform with 2160*1200 resolution and 90Hz refresh page.

The headset is completely adjustable and there are also multiple eye adjustments feature there. Apart from that a user also gets two wireless handheld controllers and both of them have 24 sensors for complete accuracy. It also has tracking accessory which helps you to play games in a more natural way.

It means it tracks user’s movements in the 10-foot cube for better gaming experience because you don’t need to just play games sitting on your seat. The only bad thing about this is its high price. It costs many times more than any of android device.

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2. Virtual reality headset PlayStation VR

It is one of the best for Virtual Reality experience. A user can play a lot of games with this VR such as big games like Batman or resident evil. one of the good things about that is it does not need heavy gaming PC to have the best VR experience. It is affordable.

It makes you feel like you are sitting on the large screen. One of the not so good thing about this that you need PS4 camera to use it. Its features include 3D audio technology which will help you to estimate sound coming from each direction.

3. Headset Virtual reality Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a very powerful Virtual reality headset. Whether you are playing your favorite game or you are watching any VR movie. It will make you feel like you are really there having that experience. Oculus Rift  is also support all type of games.

This headset also provides you two oculus touch controllers. It is designed that way that it is easily adjustable according to your head and also it also provides independent remote control. Its screen resolution is basically 2160*1200 and 90Hz refresh rate.

The average quality of this is that unlike HTC Vive its tracking is single sided so it does not give you that best experience while using it.

4. Mobile virtual reality headsets Samsung Gear

It is one of the mobile virtual reality headsets. It comes with a controller. It is best suited for any Samsung Smartphone even if that Smartphone does not have the best features. Unlike other Smartphone devices, it looks big and heavy but actually, it has lightweight.

It also has a lot of 360-degree panoramic photos and also thousands of games and movies, as well as 360-degree videos, are available so you can enjoy games and movies in this in the best way.

It also comes with Bluetooth controller as well as best upgraded touchpad which is very easy to use. One of the bad things about this headset is that it is quite expensive.

 5. Google Daydream View Finest virtual headsets

As the name suggests this headset will give you daydream view. This is one of the finest virtual reality headsets. One of the best thing about this that this headset is not that expensive compared to phone headsets.

This headset like other virtual headset separates the image into two parts and also there are a lot of apps and games in the daydream app which you get with this headset.

It has lightweight basically and it also comes with a controller. One can also use Google Maps, Google plays movies, and other Google apps.

User experience Questions for virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality headsets create the copy of reality with computer graphic environment. After wearing Virtual reality headsets it separates you from the real world and takes you into another world.

You can have real experience in any famous place such as Offal tower. One of the myths about these headsets is that it is not eye-friendly which is wrong.

They are actually more eye-friendly especially for a child which is the best quality of virtual reality headsets. One of the bad things about these headsets is that they are quite expensive.

What is the cheapest Virtual Reality headset?

“The main thing about purchasing virtual reality headset is the more we pay the more we get. It means if you are ready to pay more you will get best featured virtual reality headset.

Currently, the cheapest virtual reality headset is BlackBug Virtual Reality Glasses 3D Virtual reality but this has no best features overall.”

Which Smartphones support Virtual reality?

“Any Smartphone which has gyroscope feature in it is compatible with virtual reality headsets. Basically, there are many Smartphones on the market which supports virtual reality headsets such as”

  • Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Galaxy S6 Edge+
  • Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Above list of virtual reality headsets is considered one of the finest virtual reality headsets. It’s up to you to decide.

Conclusion: To opting for the virtual reality headset one should do research about the features and should always pay attention to quality in choosing it.

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