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While surfing the internet, only download and upload are not mentionable things but some other factors like latency and Packet Internet Groper also should be considered. Ping is something which is good if it is as lower as possible just opposite to the other parameters of the internet. The ping is determined in ms (milliseconds). The Packet Internet Groper is mostly heard by the gamers and streamer because it is the most important criteria when we play online games or watch series in our pc using our internet connections whether it is wired or wireless.

There are lots of reasons for a high ping which we are going to know in the articles below and we will also know some ways to increase the ping. Packet Internet Groper is also a considerable thing while we use VPN or proxy networks. In a nutshell, Packet Internet should be a topic to be discussed briefly to understand it properly. So, if you have the same question in your mind that why is my ping so high then, let’s start with the introduction of Packet Internet Groper and then we will proceed further.

What is Ping?

Full form of PING is Packet Internet Groper. In the general language, ping is known as the reaction time of your connection. It determines how fast you get the response when you send any request to the server. The approached hub which received the Packet Internet request should respond quickly in order to have a low ping.

The more time the hub and router take to process the request, more will be the Internet Groper value. Ping requirements are different for every type of internet activities.

If you are doing general surfing, you are good with the Packet Internet Groper value of about 40 to 50 ms but if you’re an online gamer or advanced internet user, you will need Packet Groper Internet value less than 10 ms to get the better internet and gaming experience.

Your Packet Internet Groper is decided on many aspects like your geographical location, internet connection, ISP and the number of devices connected to the internet connection. If you are using a good internet connection with enough speed, there are fewer chances to have a large ping value.

How to perform a ping?

Your pc is capable to do the ping test with the help of a simple command. By running this command, you pc send a request to the dedicated web or IP address by using data packets.

According to the taken time period for the whole process, command prompt show us results of our maximum, minimum and average Packet Internet Groper values.

You can find out the Packet Groper Internet of your website or the specific website by doing the below method simply. So, if you are thinking that why is my ping so high then try to discover the actual ping values by using this method.

  1. Press Windosws+R button together and type cmd in the run command.
  2. Once your Command Prompt is opened type:



Ping: any website name

After the Command Prompt executes the command in some time, you will see all the results from the commands like maximum, minimum and average Packet Groper Internet values at the end of the command results. You can easily determine the ping value by using this simple technique easily.

There are many other ways and websites available on the internet to check the Packet Groper Internet but this basic method is mostly utilized by everyone.

Reasons : Why is my ping so high?

A high ping might be the result of many different things. You can get a high ping occasionally or permanently on the basis of many things which we are going to discuss below. These reasons are also easy to overcome by using some simple techniques and advancements in your internet connection.

If you are having a question in your mind that why my Packet Internet Groper high then we have all the answers for you and you will definitely find them worthy of knowing.

These reasons mostly depend upon the external parameters of your internet connection instead of your device or systems you are using. So, let know everything which can increase your Packet Internet G value.

1. Poor Wireless Connection

If you are using a wireless connection then chances are more to have a high Packet Internet Groper value. You just have to make sure that you are near your router and using a good internet plan with a decent speed.

You can use an ethernet cable instead of a wireless connection to slightly lower your ping easily. Wireless connections are always neglected in big organizations where fast internet connections are required with fewer lags. Wires are less prone to external interference and hence able to give you low ping values.

It is always advised that you are connecting your pc with the router with the ethernet cable to measure the total Packet Internet Groper value of the connection.

2. DNS Cache Problems

Stored DNS cache in your device might result in a high ping value as they force the pc to use certain DNS servers depending upon many external parameters. Once the DNS cache is cleared, you can easily get a decrease Packet Internet Groper rate. To do this, the command prompt can help you again with this.

You can flush your existing DNS cache and free up your system from stored DNS details easily. To do this, a detailed guide is given below.

Open Command Prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns and click on Enter

Depending on the cache size, it will take some time to execute the command and then you will start getting a reduced Packet Internet value as compared to the previous ones.

This method is generally used while the first troubleshooting process of your internet connection but you can do it yourself anytime you want.

3. Background Services

You might say that you are using a single process on your pc at a time but there are lots of other backgrounds which can utilize your internet speed and hence give you an increased ping.

If you are playing a game or generally surfing the internet, if any background process like window update or any other software update is running then it is possible that you may experience a high Packet Internet Groper.

Just make sure to quit all the unwanted applications and windows update while using a primary activity to get all the bandwidth on the desired software or game.

You can use task manager to simply end all the tasks which are using your internet connection on an unwanted basis. So, this is a major step to do if you ever have a thinking of why is ping so high? 

4. Other users on the same internet connection

While using a broadband or a hotspot, if lots of users are utilizing it then bandwidth will be shared and the chances are increased that you will get a high ping. Shared internet connection mostly gives you high pings whether you are using a fast internet connection too.

It might be possible that someone has hacked your internet router password and you are thinking why ping high?. Change the password and connect as less as devices possible on the router to get the lowest Packet Internet Groper values.

If someone is utilizing the connection for downloading or uploading something then it could also cause the problems. Just check the ping by simply connecting only your device to the internet to ensure the root cause of the problem.

5. Outdated Network Driver

Similar to all other operation in our pc, outdated drivers can cause lots of problems to our major tasks and internet is not an exception for it. If your pc has an outdated network driver then you will definitely get problems in your internet surfing especially the Packet Internet Groper variations.

You have to update your network driver and then run your internet to check whether the problem is in your pc or your internet connection. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Press Windows+R and type devmgmt.msc in the run command
  • Find the Network Driver in Device manager and right click on it.
  • Now click on Update Driver
  • Select the option ‘Search automatically for outdated drivers’ and perform the update process
  • Restart your pc and check whether the Packet Internet Groper gets lower or not.

You will definitely see a change in your Packet Internet Groper value once you do this method. Most of the time, the problem lies in our drivers and we do other troubleshooting but not able to get satisfactory results and we keep thinking that why is my ping high? So, it is advised that always check for the outdated driver while you see continuous internet problems.

6. ISP Problems

If you are using a poor internet connection provided by a bad ISP (Internet Service Provider) then you will definitely get poor servers and hence higher ping values.

A good ISP always uses better proxy servers and offer great speed and lower ping. You ISP will never be able to provide you lower Packet Internet Groper values if there are not good servers available to serve you with the most responsive connections. You can search for the best ISP in your cities and opt for the best ISP.

You may have to pay more for getting a good internet service provider but it will be guaranteed that ping will reduce if you are using a good ISP. Make sure to go for wired internet connections instead of wireless.

7. Geographical Location

Even if you have a decent internet connection with a high-speed plan but if you are using the internet in the remote areas of geographically behind areas of servers then you will experience less speed and higher ping too.

Your location determines the quality of incoming signals and the speed and lag also depends upon it. It is possible that the hilly areas where the signals are weak and disturbed, you will get a very high ping value which can cause problems during general internet surfing.

This problem is hard to overcome because you can not correct the interfered signals on your own. Your ISP has to take steps to correct it otherwise this problem can occur to your on the permanent basis. Once the location is fulfilled with proper internet properties, you will never have a time to say that why is my ping very high?

8. Problematic Routers

Routers play the most important roles to serve the internet to your mobile devices and pc. If in any case, your router is faulty, it can give you lower internet speed and sometimes a higher ping.

So, if you are thinking that why my ping high then the cause can be your router too. You can try rebooting or resetting it and if it is not corrected yet you can contact your ISP to replace it or upgrade it.

You have to use a good order in order to get a less Packet Internet Groper value. Place your router near to your pc or smartphones to ensure the maximum ping utilization and great surfing experience.

Final Words

These were some issues which can cause a high ping. We have given some easy steps to overcome these problems. You can perform them easily and try to get a better ping anytime.

If you have any type of questions or queries regarding the article, feel free to use the comment section below. We will feel very happy to get your valuable feedback on our efforts.