Nintendo Switch Labo Robot Kit – Nintendo Switch is not a new name in the world of gaming. Nintendo every day adds some new functionality to the gaming console world. Nintendo Co. Ltd is a Japanese multinational video gaming company, having its headquarters in Kyoto. In terms of market capitalization, Nintendo is the world’s largest gaming console company.

It has made records in gaming console industry by creating some of the top-selling games. Mario, The Legend of Zelda and famous Pokémon are few names in the kitty. It started in 1889 and was originally famous for producing and developing playing cards.

The company has tried hands on many businesses like cab services and hotels but eventually, it ditched all other ventures to develop a full-fledged video game company.

In a very short span of time, it has made its mark in the industry and has become Japan’s third most valuable company having a market value of approximately $85 billion.

And now in the year, 2018 Nintendo has come up with yet another amazing gaming console that will surely take you back to your childhood. This game has been specifically made for the nerdy parents who always crib that their children are engrossed in playing games only and not doing anything creative.

But this new addition in Nintendo family will help to eliminate all such worried in fact, we are very sure that once this game will be launched parents themselves will force their children to play this game.

About Nintendo Switch Labo

This game by Nintendo is unlike its other games and is more interactive in nature. Other games of the family fall more in core gamer demographics whereas this game will not only be a game but will be more creative and will also be a learning console.