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Nintendo Switch Labo Robot Kit – Nintendo Switch is not a new name in the world of gaming. Nintendo every day adds some new functionality to the gaming console world. Nintendo Co. Ltd is a Japanese multinational video gaming company, having its headquarters in Kyoto. In terms of market capitalization, Nintendo is the world’s largest gaming console company.

It has made records in the gaming console industry by creating some of the top-selling games. Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and famous Pokémon are a few names in the kitty. It started in 1889 and was originally famous for producing and developing playing cards.

The company has tried hands-on many businesses like cab services and hotels but eventually, it ditched all other ventures to develop a full-fledged video game company.

In a very short span of time, it has made its mark in the industry and has become Japan’s third most valuable company having a market value of approximately $85 billion.

And now in the year, 2018 Nintendo has come up with yet another amazing gaming console that will surely take you back to your childhood. This game has been specifically made for the nerdy parents who always crib that their children are engrossed in playing games only and not doing anything creative.

But this new addition to the Nintendo family will help to eliminate all such worries in fact, we are very sure that once this game will be launched parents themselves will force their children to play this game.

About the Nintendo Switch Labo

This game by Nintendo is unlike its other games and is more interactive in nature. Other games of the family fall more in core gamer demographics whereas this game will not only be a game but will be more creative and will also be a learning console.

However, you may feel nostalgic while playing with it as it is more like making toys yourself as we used to do in our childhood by using shoe boxes, empty bottles, and even using stones. While playing games, we always find faults in the different accessories they provide along with.

We often say that one thing is good about this game while another game has this benefit but now we have something wherein you can assemble the entire gaming console according to your wish. Cardboard Labo is an insanely creative game for all age groups that will force you to use your brain.

Nintendo Labo will be fun!!

Nintendo Switch  Labo is a “Do it yourself” game, which will give a totally unique kind of experience to its users. Players will be required to construct their own accessories of their choice unlike other gaming consoles in wherein we get all the accessories along with the system itself.

Building your own accessories will double the fun of playing the game. While constructing the accessories you may invent new methods and techniques for mastering the game itself. Nintendo Labo Cardboard is designed in a way to teach the basics of engineering and physics while having fun.

In recent times, this project is one of its kind wherein you will feel accomplished after constructing the toy cons. You will be looking into all the intricate details of the gaming system and it may take you hours to assemble different accessories together but once you will complete this tedious task you will feel accomplished and proud of doing something which you may not have done before. You will be amazed to see that something that you created works with the switch in the most exciting ways.

The Nintendo Switch Labo launch

Initially, two Nintendo Labo software kits will be launched in certain parts of North America, Australia, and Japan on April 20, 2018, and will be launched in parts of Europe on April 27, 2018. The accessories will include stencils, stickers, and tape.

It will have a variety kit that will give aid for individual five toys:

  • Remote controlled car, with the help of software, allows the user to play with a car and control it like a normal remote controlled car using the gaming console.
  • A motorbike with joy con that is inserted n handlebars on both sides of the console that aids as a steering.
  • Fishing Rod, with the help of which game receives motion input by using joy-con to give stimulation to a fishing game.
  • A house that contains different slots that help in inserting different components to interact with the game software.
  • A full octave of keys enabled toy piano, that can be placed on the console which acts as a music stand.

It will also have one robot kit. This robot kit will include parts that will help to make a mecha suit that will include a visor. This visor will help to hold the left joy-con for sensing motion.

It will also have a backpack to hold a right joy-con that will help to read swings in hand and feet. This kit will be more expensive as compared to the former one but it will be really exciting to play with this robot kit.

Nintendo Switch Labo Robot Game Kit

If your child is under 8 years of age then we would recommend buying a Nintendo Labo variety kit first. At least for a couple of initial months let them focus on that only, once they get used to it then only go for the robotic kit.

The Nintendo Labo Package

Nintendo Labo will provide you software line featuring cardboards and toys that players can easily put together according to their wish to play with them. These pieces of cardboard will come along with the switch console and controllers.

It comes with a detailed and interactive user manual that will help you to put different pieces of cardboard together and then combine them with switch consoles and controllers.

The instructions given in the manual are smart, quirky, and are really easy to follow. It will be giving you an option of constructing different projects, out of which one is to construct the small RC car.

Having such an interactive user manual constructing an RC Car will not be a tedious job. For an average person, it will take approximately 10-20 minutes to construct the one.

However other projects of Cardboard Labo may take as long as two hours to be completed.

Nintendo Switch Labo announcement

This new and unique featured game was announced on January 17, 2018. Nintendo further added that the product was, “specifically crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart”. Nintendo Labo robot kit has the simple and crisp tagline  “Make, Play, Discover”.

The discovery lies in the fact that how well users of toy con understand the basics and fundamentals of physics and engineering and how they incorporate the same in constructing the game.

Labo surely will gain lots of votes as it will not be an entertainment source only but will also provide plenty of educational opportunities.

This game will help to learn the basics of programming along with physics and engineering. it also adds virtual reality headset functionality. It will have ample opportunities not only to create toy con projects but also to reassemble these projects.

Nintendo Switch Labo robot is so unique and good that it will bring out the child in you who used to make different items in arts and craft class. It will make you help you bring back all your childhood memories.

Switch Labo is a kind of game that will connect parents with their children and will bring them closer. Parents will not be forced to spend time with children instead they will enjoy each and every moment, and will enjoy this game more than them. Nintendo labor is going to change the expectations of people regarding the gaming world.

The excitement

It will take another two months for this game to hit the floors but it seems that it is going to be a real hit and yet another success for the Nintendo family. It is really an appreciable effort by the company that they have created a buzz with its mere announcement only.

This new gaming system will surely make competitors worry, and they really need to strengthen up the game to stay in the competition.

But Nintendo also needs to gear up the game because teaser of the game has already raised the expectation bar and a little mistake at the time of the launch of the game may cost a lot to the Nintendo family not only in terms of money but also in term of reputation, name, position and the share in the gaming market.

To meet the expectation of the customer the Nintendo must make sure that this new DIY game does not have any loopholes.

Wrapping up

People and the internet just cannot stop talking about this new gaming console. Everyone around is eagerly waiting for its launch. Children have already started dreaming about this amazing DIY game and parents just can’t wait to engage their children in such a creative, wacky, and brainstorming game.

Get ready to grab your own Nintendo Switch Labo this April? We hope this article is best for you Nintendo Switch Labo. You may also want to see the best iPhone emulator for pc.