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Do you want to speed up your web application? JQuery allows the web developer for making attractive and extensible applications with event handling. It’s used a package of codes which is called the library to traversal HTML tags. JQuery is a powerful set of functionality for the manipulation of web pages. If you are using jquery in Web applications for reducing latency, you need to use Google Libraries. These libraries reduce the load of your web server because of its download from google server when using this. In this article, we will explain to you how to speed up your website with google jquery CDN.

Why use google jquery CDN in web application

Google provides a free Content delivery network that allows you to speed up your website with Parallel Downloading. Google jQuery CDN allows caching all the time when someone loaded the website with the help of jQuery CDN no need to download again.

1. Reduce load time when using jquery google CDN library.
2. The low latency of google CDN.
3. JQuery CDN allows the functionality to download Parallel.
4. Fast server response.

How to use google host jquery CDN in your website

Suppose you add a jQuery Library Minified to your website without overload. Just add the library in your website head section with a script tag. I define the code below with a script tag.

<script type=”text/javascript”>

Note: Before using google jquery CDN, you need to check delivery network support to your functionality. The most common error of web applications is that sometimes API libraries do not communicate properly. This time you need to load the jQuery script to your website.

We hope this article helped you to understand How to speed up your website with google jquery CDN. You may also want to see How To Add Multi-Language In CodeIgniter Dynamic.