The problem with physical storage devices such as pen drive is that you have to keep them with you and files or any data inside them could be corrupted or lost. Google drive is a good solution for that. Google drive is basically personal cloud storage service from Google. It allows us to store as well as share photos, videos file and music files in the Cloud. In other words, we can call it an online hard-disk.

Steps to Share Files On Google Drive

One can access Google share drive from the computer, Android, and iPhone easily. One of the best things about Google files drive is that the receiver of the file can edit, view or comment easily.

You can allow your receiver to edit the file be it Excel file or Word file. Google files drive gives you this option as well. The receiver of the file can also view and add comments to the file but can’t edit anything.

There is also this option you get on Google drive but if we share a folder, folders don’t have comments option on it. You can also prevent them from editing or making comment in the file. You only give them the option to view the file.

Share Google drive files on a computer

Open Google drive File: You can either open it by typing on the search engine or by clicking on app box on the right side of the screen. You will be logged in to your Gmail account and if you are not logged in with your Gmail account, you will just have to sign in it.

Link: Open Google Files Drive

Click on New: When you click on new, you get options such as creating a folder, File upload. You can also create a new word or excel file. Upload anything you want to share with other.

Share Google drive files on computer

Share: You can easily share the uploaded file. You Get share option on the top side of the folder after that you can type receiver’s name or their email. As mentioned earlier you can allow the receiver to edit or only view the file. There is also an option of copying shareable link which you can share.

share and send google drive files

Important Note: Sharing link could be a security risk if we are sharing an important document because anyone will be able to open the file.
Send: On the bottom of the share option you can see send option. This will send the file. Apart from that you also get the option to write any message to the receiver before sending the file.

Share Google drive files on Android

Open your Google Drive app: This app has a triangle on white background. By clicking on it will open on your Android device. Like a computer, you will automatically log in if your Gmail account is already login. If you are not, just log into your Gmail account.

Link: Google Share Drive App

Add option: After that, you will see add button on your screen. Click on it and you will see the options such as upload, Folder, Google docs, Excel file. Upload any file be it the music file, picture, or document file.

Add People: On clicking on side options there will be many options appeared on your mobile screen. Click on add people option and you will see people and message option.

Enter the name of the receiver and email will also have appeared. You can also enter any message for the receiver. With that, you get more options such as allowing the user to edit or only view the file.

Sharable Link: On mobile one can copy the link for sharing in two ways. First of all, there is an option appeared ‘Link sharing’ on one of the side options. You just need to move the tap to the right side and the link of the file will be automatically copied. Therefore you can use it for sharing.

Apart from that below that option, there is another option ‘Copy link’. Click on that option and with that, the link will be copied. But one should prefer sending email instead of sharing the copied link.

Send a copy: Apart from sharing on email and copying the link, there is also an option available on mobile. That option is to send a copy. Click on send a copy option which is below the side options.

You can send your file on what’s app, Bluetooth, even on share it. That is also another option we get from the mobile.

Share Google drive files on iPhone

Upload: The procedure of downloading in the iPhone or IPad is basically the same as in android or pc. Click on upload to just store the file on iPhone.

Sharing: For sharing one needs to click on more option appearing on the file, Then click on add people just like you do in the Android app, Type the email address you want to share with.

You can also select Google group for sharing. After that, you can also allow the person to just view the file or to make any comment or download the file.

Important Note: You can store data up to 15 GB in the Google drive easily be it videos, pictures or music files.

Sharable link: Even here one gets the option of the sharable link which one can send on any email be it Google or Rediffmail.
Other important things related to Google file drive.

Other important things related about Google drive

If  you want to aceess files with more sercurity or find secure storage cloud for your personel document, videos and more Google Share Drive is best option for you. There are few important things related to Google drive which are as given below.

link share on google drive

Disable copy, download, and print Shared file:

One of the useful options we get from Google share drive is that one can also disallow the receiver to download, print or copy the shared file. In this way one will have kind of complete control on the file one has shared. The procedure basically is to add the name of the collaborator on sharing dialog box.

After that just click on the advanced option on the right side of the bottom there you will see that option of disallowing printing, copying and downloading the file. The receiver of the file can also see the file and can’t use it for another purpose.

Sharing the file with non-Google user:

Be it, Google user or non-Google user, you can share your file with anyone you want. In other words, even if you send the file to rediffmail, Yahoo mail or any other mail except Google, your receiver can get the file without any difficulty. You can use a sharable link.

Download the folder:

For the purpose of saving the files on the folder, you can also download the entire folder. You get the option on the side options. There is an optional download.

Click it to download the entire folder containing your files. In this way, one can save the time by downloading the entire folder rather than downloading just two or three files.

So, Google files drive is basically a very useful storage service. It has many benefits and it does not have other disadvantages such as keeping the physical storage device with you. If you want to write on a Google Drive word file, It automatically saves the file so it gives many useful benefits apart from other mentioned benefits.