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Hide Facebook Ads

How to get rid of Facebook ads? Facebook has recently said that the current can not allow blocking apps from the top of the Suggested Posts. The ad-blocking community finds new ways every day, how do we get rid of Facebook ads. On Google, a number of the method are available or you can use some different ways as suitable to stop Facebook ADS but we will tell you the most inventive way to hide Facebook ads. If you use Google Chrome, you can easily close Facebook ADS with the help of the Facebook Ads Highlighter extension. This way you will easily make your ADS Free Facebook on Google Chrome. In this article, we will explain how to get rid of Facebook ads.

Get rid of Facebook ads Using Facebook Ad Highlighter

How to get rid of facebook ads Using Facebook Ad Highlighter Extension on Google Chrome

1. First, open Google Chrome and click on the right top three-dot icon. After that select More tools >> Extension to install Facebook Ad Highlighter Extension.

how to get rid of facebook ads with Google Chrome extension

2. Click on the ‘Get more extensions’ link at the bottom or you can direct go to Chrome Web Store.

3. Chrome Web Store open and search Facebook Ad Highlighter at left top input field then press enter key.

How to get ride of facebook ads with Chrome Web Store

4. Scroll down to find Facebook Ad Highlighter on the results list.

5. Click on the ‘+Add to Chrome’ button to add Extension and a confirm window will appears with an additional extension or cancel button.

+Add to Chrome button to add extension

6. Click on the ‘Add Extension’ button in the popup window.
7. Facebook Ad Highlighter Extension will be added automatically to Google Chrome.

Note: Now login to your Facebook account in a new tab and check your Facebook newsfeed with the new look of Suggested Posts. This method will work only on a desktop, not on mobile devices.

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Why Hiding Specific Advertisers on Facebook?

Facebook does not allow to user hide all advertising or suggested posts from News Feeds. Do you want to hide some ads individual on Facebook? we explain some simple steps how to Hiding Specific Advertisers on Facebook. Follow some simple guidelines to hide a sponsored post on your Facebook account.

Step by Step Guide: How to get rid of Specific facebook ads on Facebook

1. First, log in to your Facebook account on your computer or mobile device and Scroll down to Specific Post you want to rid.
2. Tap on the top right down arrow of the post and tab on “Hide Ad”.

how to get rid of Specific facebook ads on Facebook

3. A popup window will appear with the ‘Why don’t you want to see this?’ question.

tep by step guide how to get rid of facebook ads on Facebook

4. Choose one of three relevant options and click on continue.

5. After clicking on done button,  you will no longer see an ad where you hide.

get rid of facebook ads on Facebook

6. If you want to hide all related ads then click on the ‘ hide all ads’ Link.

How to hide facebook ads on Facebook

Important: If you want to show hide ad from specific organizations, just click on undo link in suggest ad. Alternatively, as result, you will show your hide ad on Facebook again.

How Rid of Facebook ads Using Adblock Plus add-on in FireFox

Do you want to remove ads on Facebook which is appear right side of the screen? Adblock Plus is the best option for Rid of Facebook ads your Facebook. This is a browser add-on with Facebook Ad Highlighter.

1. Click on the ‘Install’ button for your web browser.

Now you will see that no any Suggested ads are showing on your Facebook.

When the user opened Facebook, see a lot of ADS on your Facebook screen, but by using all these methods, the user has rid of Facebook ADS. Try all these methods to hide Facebook Ads.

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