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Google is evolving with various new products and services for its customers day by day. Google Fiber TV box is one of those popular products offered by Google. With Google Fiber TV, you can enjoy more than 150 HD channels backed with several SD channels too. This is an amazing product released by Google. But, the topic which we are going to discuss in this article is the Google Fiber Remote.

We will know what Google Fiber Remote is and how we can program it to work for our TVs. As we all know remotes generally work using the IR (Infrared) rays which are transmitted through the remote through several commands in the form of different frequencies.

Google Fiber Remote

The receiving end which is our TV or an audio device captures those rays and acts upon the given command. The core function of each remote is identical to Google is now helping us to use their fiber remote to control devices other than Google Fiber TV. So, let’s discuss all these things briefly in the article below.

What is Google Fiber Remote?

Google Fiber Remote is one of the advanced types of remotes which has IR and Bluetooth control technology as well. Due to this, it can work effectively without having a line of sight with the TV. Also, it has a motion sensing backlight which makes it much more advanced than the traditional remote controls.

This remote is offered by Google itself so it has a good build quality along with a decent look. As Google Fiber TV is getting popular day by day, this remote is contributing to its success somewhere a lot. But, the main feature they have added in it is its capability to be programmed or reprogrammed.

When you set up your Google Fiber TV in your home, the engineer may program the remote to work it for your TV. Once it is done, you can start using the remote from the same moment. But, what if we want to use this remote for controlling our ordinary TV? Will it be possible to do so? The answer is Yes! And we are going to know the procedure below.

How to program your Google Fiber remote to work for your TV?

As we are aware now that the remote will control the Google Fiber TV box with its Bluetooth transmitter. But, we will utilize its inbuilt IR transmitter to control our ordinary TV. So, there are two versions of Google Fiber Remote. The first one is with the live button and the second one does not have the same.

The programming methods will be different for both of them. We will discuss both methods below. So, make sure to follow the procedure properly after fully checking the type of your remote control.

For the Remotes with Live Button

There are several methods to program the remote with a live button but we are going to know the simplest one. In this method, you will need TV brand codes first of all which you can find by going on this link. Once you get the code for your TV brand, then you are good to go.

  1. Turn On your TV with its own Remote control
  2. Take your Google Fiber remote and press Power and ok button simultaneously until the Power button stays on after blinking two times. Then release both of the buttons.
  3. Now enter your TV code using the remote control, your Power button will blink twice again and then will stay in the ON condition.
  4. Keep it idle for 3 seconds and then press and hold the SEARCH button until your TV goes OFF and then ON.
  5. Once it happens, release the SEARCH button and click exit to save the TV code in your remote.

For the remotes without Live button

  • In this process, we will get our TV code same as given in the 1st point above.
  • We will turn ON our TV and then repeat the same process as given in the 2nd point above.
  • We will enter the TV code using the remote and then wait for 3 seconds.
  • Then, we will press and hold the POWER button to turn OFF our TV then release it.
  • We will press the POWER button again and turn ON the TV.
  • At last, you have to press OK to save the TV code and exit the programming procedure.

These simple steps will help you to easily program your remote to control your ordinary TV. We can also control various audio devices too with this remote control. But, it does not support all the features of those devices. So, it will not be safer to do this.

There is another way to program your Google Fiber remote which is known as the IR learning method. It can also be used to do this. You can easily find the process of doing it on Google’s official support page. Google Fiber remote is an advanced type of remote having the capabilities to reprogram itself.

Google has allowed its users to utilize this remote for several additional purposes other than its own Google Fiber TV. So, it is much convenient for the users to use this remote for making the processes much more convenient for them. The above processes are given by Google itself for its users so they are fully safe to do. Make sure to follow the procedure carefully.

Final Verdict

Google Fiber Remote is easy to be reprogrammed for handling various functions of our ordinary TV boxes. If the remote is not able to control your TV or you are not finding your TV code, it is advised to not overdo the reprogramming tasks.

In the case of any problem during the whole task, you can contact the Google Fiber customer support services. We hope you will easily do the whole process with your remote. Do not forget to share your view of this article. Tell us whether you programmed your remote control or not.

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