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Do you want to delete a WordPress theme? So we have already told you how to build a WordPress website offline. The next step is to move your local WordPress site to a live server with theme changes. Now we will tell you that there are many such places for WordPress themes from which they can be downloaded free.

One of the best places is the ‘WordPress Theme Club’. Apart from this, WordPress themes can also be found in the WordPress Free Theme Directory with the help of WP Board, Or by downloading a zip file, the theme can be inserted in WordPress.

You can also edit the WordPress themes using the theme test drive plugin. In this article, we will explain to you how to delete WordPress themes.

Before deleting the WordPress theme, we have introduced some basic WordPress theme installation guide.

  • Install WordPress theme using the dashboard
  • Install WordPress theme using FTP

First of all, download the WordPress theme of your choice at your convenience and save it to a folder first. After that check, the theme is a zip file or not. If not, you need to change it to zip file. Here are two ways to install themes into WordPress.

Install WordPress theme using dashboard

First, log in to the WordPress dashboard. Go to the option ‘Appearance’ here. This option consists of an option theme. After going into the theme options, there is an option to ‘add new’.

Click on the theme options uploaded there. As you click on it, you also have the option to browse the theme and upload it. Click on upload and choose the theme zip file where you have saved it.

Once you pick the theme and go to the option of ‘Install Now’, the theme you choose for your WordPress is being uploaded. Before activating the theme for your WordPress, you have the opportunity to preview it. This will help you decide how the theme you uploaded in your Word looks like.

Every time the WordPress preview is not correct and there may be some error in it. So if this is not your live site then you can fully upload your theme.

Install WordPress theme using FTP

Themes can also be edited or edited in WordPress with the help of FTP. This proves to be the most effective at the time when your server security prevents you from inserting themes and plugins with the use of the dashboard.

If there is an error in uploading the theme from the Dashboard then themes can be inserted into your WordPress using FTP. The way to insert themes using FTP is called the ‘Manually WordPress Theme Installation’.

You need FTP software to upload themes to the WordPress theme directory. This can be done with the help of FileZilla or Cpanel. Apart from this, it is very important that you have WINRAR software, which can be helpful in opening a zip file.

If your system does not have WinRAR then it is important to download such software from a good website. Using this method, we first remove the theme from zipping and save it in our theme folder.

How to active WordPress theme

Once themes are uploaded with the help of a Dashboard or FTP, these themes can be browsed later with the help of WP Dashboard.

For this, go to the options appearing on the screen, this option will have an option ‘Themes’, where you will find all the themes you have uploaded. You can also use these accumulated themes for your WordPress whenever you want.

Easily Delete WordPress theme

There are two ways to Delete a WordPress theme as there are two ways to insert a theme. Below are given in both ways.

For this, you can first use the ‘Appearance’ option of WordPress. Here’s the option of the option to delete in theme options.

You will see the ‘Theme Details’ after the mouse over of the theme you want to delete.  Tab on the link and see the detailed description of the theme.

You will see the delete link at the right bottom of the screen. Click on the delete link a confirmation popup will appear with the OK and Cancel button.

Tab on the OK button your WordPress theme automatically deleted from the WordPress directory. Now you want to add some more useful themes following some simple steps mentioned above.

In that option, the existing theme can be easily deleted. But it is not right to directly delete it directly. First, select another theme and then remove it from the existing theme for uploading it.

FTP managers can also be used for this, where themes can be removed with the help of wp-content or theme options. However, the use of dashboards is very convenient.

We hope this article is best for you on how to delete the WordPress theme. You may also want to see How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads.