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Instagram bio link plays a major role when it comes to business or corporate profiles. Companies use these links to implement their marketing strategies with the help of these links. Instagram is a world popular social media platform with lots of the latest features and image, video posting options. The platform is most commonly used as a mobile application in Android, iOS devices. It is popular because of its versatile interface and highly attractive user interface. The application provides various functionalities like hashtags, captions, tags, locations, like, share and comment options. It has taken the place of Facebook because of its attractive design and easy accessibility. In this article, we will explain how to make an Instagram single bio link for multiple web pages.

Instagram Link In Bio

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform as compared to any other platform. Instagram is a type of social media platform which is used by most of the corporate for the promotions of their products. Today, in this article, we are going to know about the key features of the Instagram link in bio and its different aspects.

What is the Instagram bio link?

If you are an Instagram user, you may know that it allows no link sharing in the posts or description of bio except a dedicated option to fill your website link. Besides having a lot of functionality, Instagram never allows its user to share any type of promotional or informational links in the posts and comments as well.

The possible reason for this is to limit the link spamming activities on Instagram. Facebook is full of link spam because it allows the users to share the clickable links in the posts, comments, profiles, etc.

So, the only allowed link in bio by Instagram is the bio link only. You can add any type of link here like your business website, webpages, promotional links, affiliate links, etc. But the limitation is that you can use only one link at a time.

This limitation given by Instagram is good in its own ways but if we want to use this platform in a genuine way, only one link is enough for us. If you want to know different methods to utilize it in creative ways, let’s proceed further.

Why Instagram bio link matters?

These links matter a lot because your account and real-world transparency on Instagram are limited because of their restrictions. So, if anyone wants to know more about you or your company, he/she will directly start finding your website link in your Instagram bio. The given link in the bio will play a major role to find a productive and active audience for your products and services.

Instagram also allows you to place Facebook, Youtube, and other social media profile links in the bio section. Suppose if you are an artist or a freelancer having a good fan base on Instagram, you might use this fan base to redirect to your website with the help of links in bio and convert them to your website audience.

How to use your Instagram link in bio in a smart way?

You can use your Instagram bio link in many different ways. It does not matter Instagram has given access to use only one link in your account. You are free to use it in any possible way. You can place a link to anything here and get positive results from it. Many people are using Instagram pages as a great platform for their digital marketing campaigns. You can also use it to do anything you want.

There are lots of ways to utilize this bio link section smartly which we are going to know below. These are some of the highly tested and recognized methods to get the most out of this link in bio Instagram. So, let’s start and we will know every method one by one.

Use Instagram Bio link to send people to multiple webpages links in Instagram bio using Bio Link Maker

It is a less known but highly trending method to divert the users to multiple links using a single bio link. The strategy is used to overcome the limitation of the single link functionality of Instagram. In this method, you have to:

Create your free account on

Add your desired links in your profile section like the website, YouTube, or Facebook links
Once you are finished with the profile creation, you will get a unique link that will redirect every click to the page on which your promotional links are placed.

You have to place that specific link only in your Instagram bio.

In this way, you will be able to optimally use your bio link section. You can tell your audience manually in your bio to click on the link so that you can get maximum visits on your profile. This platform allows you to place unlimited bio links and edit them anytime. Your profile will be absolutely free with cutting-edge optimization settings.

Use Instagram Bio link to send people to a blog post

Some people think that this bio link section is only made for websites but actually you can add webpage or blog links in this bio section. You may redirect some of your Instagram traffic to your blog posts to make it famous and get some revenue from it.

If you want to educate or inform your audience about the news of ideas briefly, you can create a described blog post and share the link in your Instagram profile using the Instagram link in bio.

This method will allow you to show the social media trust to a search engine like Google. If you are a blogger or business website manager then it is a great method to get some additional views to your website easily with this free feature provided by Instagram. You can randomly change these links anytime because there is no limit to link changes on Instagram.

Use Instagram Bio link to send people of specific webpages

In case, you have created a new page with your new or existing products or services and you want to promote it on the internet. Then there is no easy way to promote it if you are having enough Instagram followers.

You can mention the specification of the webpage and tell people to click on this Link in bio Instagram. It is a great way to introduce people to your products in a fast and reliable way.

Most people click on these bio links and this can be proved by seeing your website analytics. Once you got enough views on your webpage, you can change it to another anytime.

This method is highly guaranteed to work for every type of website and profile. Start doing this strategy today and you will see an increase in your website view consistently.

Use Instagram Bio link to send people to a video

Everyone knows that videos are the best way to educate anyone on any specific topic. Using the link in bio Instagram you can show your audience any video you want.

This is a great way to promote your business and Youtube channels too. You can create short videos describing the details of a specific topic and share its link in the Instagram link in the bio section.

It is a great way to educate or entertain people with your innovative videos and to showcase your talent too.

Lots of music companies are using this strategy to share their new video songs and albums with their huge fan base on Instagram. You can tell your followers to watch the video by clicking on the bio link by using your status feed.

Use Instagram Bio-Link to send people to giveaway and contests

If you are hosting any give-away or online/offline contests, you may get a great occasion to use your Instagram bio link effectively. If you eagerly want to promote your products and services with the help of huge giveaways and contests then you can tell your Instagram followers to click on the bio link and participate in the contests.

Lots of people are using this strategy to promote their new products to a new audience because getting followers on Instagram pages is easy and converting them to productive customers is also simple by using these bio links.

Once you are finished with the giveaway and contests make sure to replace the link with the previous one on your official website homepage.

Basic rules to use Instagram Bio-link

You can use your Instagram bio link in any way but if you are using it for promotional purposes then there are some tested basic rules which you should follow. You might be thinking that what type of rules can be applied to a single link but some strategies are highly effective to increase the number of clicks on your Instagram link in bio.

Tell people what you do

Most of your people would be familiar with you or your organization but there would be many followers who are new or not familiar with whatever you are doing. You should use your Bio description section to tell the people what your goals are and why you should click on the given link. This will make more people come through your link to the dedicated web pages or website easily.

Tell people what is inside the link

If you are sharing a link, no one will click on it until they do not have any idea what they are going to see after clicking on it. Use your Instagram bio section again to shortly describe the content inside the link.

If you are sharing the link of a giveaway then tell them that you are hosting a giveaway on the mentioned date and register by going to the link below. This will make people more interested in your services and let them click on your Instagram link in your bio.

Create Goals

You can tell people to go through the link to complete a goal. Write that if we achieve this goal, we will do some giveaway or freebie. This method could be used to make people crave to click on the link.

Most of the people will go to the link if you create a good and compelling bio description about the link. Do not fill it with unwanted or extra material, just do it effectively and appropriately.

Is there any other place to use links in Instagram except bio link?

You might be tried to find the different ways to add a clickable link in your Instagram bio, comment, post, or status feed but there is no way you may get it. But there is another possible way to use links on Instagram except for the bio link.

If you are using a business account then you can use links in your Instagram stories. This feature is only available for business accounts including big brands, stars, and artist accounts. Hope this feature may come for ordinary accounts.


This was all about the Instagram link in bio and its uses. We hope that now you will be fully aware that how to properly utilize this precious link in the bio of your Instagram account. Please share your valuable feedback regarding the article. We would love to listen from your side now.