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Phone chargers are an electronic device that is used to supply electric power inside a rechargeable battery or any other secondary cell. We often see various types of chargers in our daily life. The most common is our mobile charger. According to the battery capacity, type and make, its chargers may vary.

But, its functions are the same. Along with the increasing levels of technology, chargers have become more efficient. They are now able to give the required power supplies more effectively.

The charger is not only responsible to provide the amount of supply but also the supply is required to be consistent. The battery may get damaged if the charger throws less or more than its required power limit. Most of our electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, headphones, emergency lights, etc use chargers to charge their batteries. If you still have a question in your mind that what is a charger? Then do not worry, we are going to discuss everything in this article. We will know the working and different types of phone chargers below.

Portable Phone Chargers

In earlier times, we had to charge our phones in our homes and offices using a constant AV supply and phone chargers. But, now we are capable of doing this whenever and wherever we want. By using a portable phone charger, we can easily charge our mobile phones anytime without using a constant AC supply. The portable chargers are available for use in different forms. Some of the types of portable chargers are as follows.

  • Power Banks
  • Car Chargers
  • Wall Power Adapters
  • Multi-Charger cables
  • USB Key Chain
  • Wireless Chargers etc.

Notice: Please use or buy these portable chargers as per your requirements.

These all come in the category of portable chargers. The portable charges can easily be carried with us wherever we go. The most common types of portable phone chargers are power banks and car chargers. The car charger can be used to charge our mobile phones by using our car’s electric supply.

Portable Phone Chargers vs Power Banks

We all are mobile phone users. And we know that the most important thing to use a phone is to keep it charged. To do this, the phone charger plays an important role effectively. A phone charger gives the required amount of power supply to our phones. The phone chargers are generally produced by mobile phone manufacturers to make sure smooth working of the device by correctly charging it.

Phone chargers may come in different power ratings according to the phones. We are now seeing turbo chargers these days which are more efficient in charging the devices at a very fast pace. So, you must understand their working along with all the types of phone chargers. Let’s know the same in the article below.

How Does a Phone Charger Work?

In simple words, the phone charger does the job of converting the AC (Alternating Current) Supply into the DC (Direct Current) form. The batteries always work with DC. They produce DC and get charged with the DC too. So, to give the battery its desired levels of DC supply, we require an adapter circuit. The adapter circuit is always there in the box on which the supply plug is attached always.

Whenever we plug in our charger to the mains AC supply, it uses its rectified circuit. We often call this rectified as an adapter circuit. This circuit does the job of constantly converting the AC into DC according to the ratings for which is it designed. The voltage of a phone charger generally lies between 5 to 12 volts. The current rating may vary in different mAh ranges. The phones also have their own power supply to refine the supply and give a precise and constant charging supply to the mobile battery. This is the way a phone charger works generally.

What is a Portable Charger?

In general terms, a portable phone charger makes it easier for us to charge our devices anytime we want. Maybe you are preparing for work while traveling or going to a remote place where electricity is not available. In those circumstances, a portable phone charger can help you a lot. If you want to know what is portable phone charger, then you are going to know the same.

Power Bank

Power Bank works as an external battery source that can use to charge our phone batteries whenever we want. If you are going somewhere or there is a power cut in your house, a power bank can help you to get out of this situation. You just have to keep it charged before using it. Power banks come with different capacities and different companies offer them to their customers. You can easily purchase a power bank from an electronic showroom or online shopping websites to easily have all of its benefits.

A power bank will help you in an emergency to charge your phone easily and efficiently. Make sure to purchase a good power bank that is manufactured by any reputed manufacturer. You can easily get effective power banks from companies like LG, Mi, Samsung, Lenovo, etc. So, choose your power bank wisely and stay free from all the worries related to your phone battery.

Car Chargers

A car charger is used to convert your car’s DC supply into a certain DC voltage which can charge our phones effectively. A car charger always comes with a USB port where you can put your charging cable. Car chargers are highly effective to charge any type of device with the same speed as the original chargers.

Make sure to purchase a good car charger with a power rating suitable for your smartphone. A car charger can also be used with different types of charging sockets and various types of devices. Also, all the cars are now coming with sockets to use these car chargers. So, if you own a car then this charger is made just for you.

Wireless Phone Chargers

In this world of the latest technology, there is an increasing trend of wireless phone chargers. These chargers are capable of charging the phones without connecting them using the USB wires of the charging adapters. A wireless phone charger works using electromagnetic induction. Some mobile phone devices come with inbuilt wireless charging features.

However, we can purchase these chargers too. The wireless chargers work with all the QI-enabled devices. Some popular mobile devices like iPhone 11 pro max, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, iPhone 11 pro max with wireless charging features. Wireless chargers are one of the biggest examples of the latest portable phone chargers. These chargers help mobile phone users to easily charge their mobile phones without any hassles of connecting mobile phones using USB wires. Its biggest disadvantage is that the feature is available only with some limited and expensive mobile phones.

Portable Charging Hubs

If you want to charge multiple phones at the same time then charging hubs are the best solution for you. These charging hubs work effectively to connect multiple devices to a single charging station using multiple USB cables. Only single power input is required for this but it can effectively charge various mobile phones easily without any problem. They give a constant supply to each port.

You can choose any type of charging hub i.e. simple or turbochargers. The portable charging stations are good to use for commercial uses too. The mobile phone sellers or service station shops use these hubs for doing their works. You can use them too if you want.

Solar Phone Charger

The solar charger is a type of charger that uses solar light as its input source and produces a constant DC supply to charge our mobile phones. The solar chargers are highly effective for easily charging any type of phone battery using their efficient supply sources. Some solar charger comes with power banks that help us to charge our phones by using their backup power.

You can easily purchase a solar phone charger for you on any online shopping website or an electronic store. These chargers are good to use when you are away on holiday. Also, you can use them generally in your daily applications too. You just have to place the charger in direct sunlight and connect it to the mobile device using a USB cable.

The solar phone chargers are good to use when there is no electric supply. These chargers use their solar panels to generate a good amount of DC and then rectify using their inner circuits. In this way, these chargers become good to charge our mobile phones whenever we want.

The limitation of these chargers is that we need powerful and constant sunlight to keep them in working condition. If your solar phone charger has an inbuilt storage battery then it is very good for you.

Best Portable Chargers

As we discussed different types of portable chargers, you might be looking to purchase the best one for you. But, finding a good portable charger is not easy. You never know how effective and efficient is your charger before using it. The best charger is the one that can offer you the best charging support whenever you want. So, we are going to discuss some highly popular and good portable chargers which you can purchase for yourself.

Anker Power Core 20100 power bank

This power bank is one of the best and more reliable to use for any type of mobile device. It has two ports where you can connect your micro USB cables easily. This power bank weighs 354g which is a bit heavy. But, it offers the best support with its 20100 mAh battery storage. It is good to have a constant and speedy charging with huge battery capacity.

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank

This power bank has a small capacity but offers the most reliable services to the users. This charger supports 18W Fast charging which makes it more popular. Along with this, it is lightweight and easy to afford. It has a Li-Polymer battery which is known for enhancing performance. It has two-way quick charge features too. This power bank is available to buy on popular eCommerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Duracell PB10050 5002732 10050mAH Lithium Ion Power bank

This power bank is one of the most popular and highly recommended in its field. This power bank comes with a 10050 mAh Lithium-Ion battery by which gives you extra time to charge your mobile phone easily. This portable charger is introduced by Duracell which can charge your iPhone 7 up to 5 times in a row. It also has battery level indicators. Along with this, it gets charged at 2x more speed.

Samsung EB-P1100BSNGIN 10000mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank

This is another popular power bank introduced by Samsung at highly affordable prices. It is a lightweight and affordable power bank having a capacity of 10000mAh. It comes with two USB ports and one charging port. It has a one-year manufacturer warranty too.

Samsung Wireless Power bank 10000mAh (EB-U1200CSNGIN)

It is a popular Wireless charger that can be used to charge some sort of Samsung and other Qi-enabled devices. It can also be used to charge smartwatches. It has a capacity of 10000mAh along with the feature of fast charging. It also has a one-year manufactured warranty.

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Final Verdict

This was all about the phone chargers, their working, types, and some of the best portable phone chargers. We hope you will find all of your answers related to the chargers in this article. We have tried to cover as much as possible in this article. Make sure to share your feedback regarding this article below in the comment section.

We also advise you to choose your mobile phone’s portable chargers wisely to ensure the safety of your devices. Share this article with your family and friends too. Get in touch with us to get these types of articles on a regular basis.