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Best PC controller for Windows – In the history of gaming, there are lots of consoles that are responsible for its growth. After 1970, when the first generation of gaming consoles had started to develop, we can see continuous growth until now. Now, when the eighth generation is running in the industry, we can see the advancement we have done. Starting from Atari, NES, Sega, PlayStation to Xbox, etc, there is one thing which has always contributed to their success. Controllers are always the main reason for the success and publicity of a gaming console. In this article, we will introduce the best PC controller for Windows.

Best Controller for PC

Whether it is PlayStation or Wii, consoles are one of the main reason for the popularity of that console. A huge advancement is also there in the field of controllers.

From simply wired joystick controllers to the Dual Shock and Xbox One controller, the technology has contributed a lot to enhance the features and capabilities of controllers.

Most of today’s controllers are having various advanced features.

The wireless controller has become the major demand of console users. This is why we can now see revolutionary gaming controllers that have changed each aspect of the gaming industry.

In this article, we are going to know which are the most popular types of controllers and what are their features.

PS4 Controller

Whenever a gamer thinks about an advanced gaming controller, the PS4 controller is the first thing that strikes into the mind. Even the PlayStation 3 controller was featured but PS4 has some extra features which make it highly reputed in the industry. Its sleek design, long wireless range, smooth buttons, and handy design makes it the first choice of every gamer. PS4 is one of the leading gaming consoles in the gaming industry but its best fastest PC controller are highly popular for their unique features too.

The dimensions and the design of the PS4 controller are similar to its earlier version that is PS4. But, there are some adjustments in the grip along with a huge touchpad given in the center of the controller. This gaming console uses the battery power to run an can also be charged in very less time. PS4 Controller is best to play any type of popular PlayStation games including GTA 5, FIFA, Hitman, Tekken, etc.

Features of PS4 Controller

  • Big battery life
  • Handy design along with different skins
  • Headphone jack port
  • Redesigned trigger buttons
  • Colour changing Lightbar

As compared to the best PC controller PS3 , the PS4 controller is much more effective to provide its users their desired game control experience. This gaming controller is highly effective to give its users a highly effective game control mechanism. PS4 can be used for longer periods with only a single charge.

PlayStation has made this gaming console highly advanced and much more effective than its competitors. Some people find the touchpad not worthy of that much space in it but this thing cannot bring down the popularity of PS4 controllers. So, we can easily say that this controller is the main controller that has transformed the image of the PlayStation and the whole gaming industry worldwide.

GameCube Controller

GameCube controller is quite popular for its unique design along with various advanced features which are not there in any of its competitors. This controller is manufactured by the Nintendo for its popular console know as GameCube. Having analog stick, trigger buttons, and D-pad, this controller becomes the most popular in the whole history of GameCube controllers. There are multiple versions available for GameCube controller known as:

  1. Standard Controller edition
  2. WaveBird wireless controller
  3. LodgeNet controller

There are different variations of colors which you can choose while purchasing your controller. This controller is one of the most popular gaming consoles arrived by Nintendo. The reason for its popularity might be its special design or advanced control types. Whether the reason is anything, but it helps the gamers to play the games effectively because of its advanced designs and good usability.

Most of the Nintendo console games can easily be played using this gaming console. Some special editions of this controller are also there in the industry like Super Smash Bros for Wii u etc. This fastest controller is on our list because it has different advantages which were not there in any other gaming console available till now.

Features of GameCube PC controller

  • Haptic Feedback
  • Options for wired and wireless controllers
  • Wing grip design for better handling
  • Can connect to Wii and various other consoles too
  • Best design with multipurpose buttons
  • L button with digital and analogue modes

These features made this controller good to play most of the Nintendo games easily. You can use this controller to work for various games including Smash Bros, Resident Evil 4, Mario Smash football, etc. GameCube controller is offering huge opportunities to the games to make their gaming experience much more effective in terms of joy and reliability.

VIVE Controller

As we all are aware of the increasing popularity of Virtual reality and its utilization in the gaming industry. If you are aware of VR gaming, you might have been heard of HTC Vive. It is a world-popular VR headset that allows its users to experience a room-scale VR environment. Along with its realistic first-person and 3D display, it can be used to play various games too. It is now featured with the Steam VR tracking too.

So, in order to control all the features and operations, we receive an interactive controller known as Vive controller. The controller comes in a single-hand operation model with a total of two quantities with a single VR headset. Using 24 sensors, rechargeable battery, haptic feedback, and multi-functional trackpad, this console becomes highly advanced in this industry. We can either use this controller to operate our virtual display inside the VR or also to play games.

The overall experience of VIVE controller is very amazing as per the feedback received by the users. These controllers are highly advanced in design, operation, accuracy, and functionality too. You can recharge its 960 mAh battery anytime using the power adapter and micro-USB cable which will come along with the whole package. VIVE controllers are fully compatible with the VIVA and VIVE pro headsets.

Features of VIVE Controller

  • Dual-stage triggering function
  • Long battery life
  • Precise working mechanism using its multiple sensors
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Connects automatically using Bluetooth technology
  • Attractive design along with long operation times.

This controller is one of the most advanced types of controller. In the VR gaming industry, this gaming console has helped the gamers to experience the whole new world of virtual games. It is contributing to the success of industry with its easy to use features.

It helps the VR gamers to enhance their gaming experience much more in very easy manners. So, we can easily say that this controller is also a contributor to the changing overview of the whole gaming industry. In this era of the wireless controller, it has given a new scope for the companies to change their traditional controllers.

NES controller – The best PC controller for Windows?

NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is a world-popular gaming console which spanned in the periods between 1983 to 2003. In the third generation of gaming consoles, NES has given the most advanced gaming experience to the gamers using its extraordinary features. The PC controller NES was one of the biggest reasons for this huge popularity.

NES controller is a very simple type of controller having some buttons inside a rectangular-shaped box. Connected with a wire, this console got so much popularity in that time that over 61.91 million units were sold worldwide. After the release of NES controller, most of the gaming console manufacturers like Nintendo, Sega started to develop these type of controllers to impress their users. Some of them got success some did not.

So, we can say that the NES controller is the first one that made its different image in this industry when no one other was there. Along with this controller, the NES Zapper (a light gaming gun) also got popular due to its unique idea. You can also use this controller to play some advanced HD games because its operations can easily be customized into our desired operations.

Features of NES controller

NES controller has only two buttons at its right side along with two control buttons and its center. It also has a D-pad on the left hand which makes it easier for the gamers to control the game functions effectively. This controller connects to the console using its wire and the input socket. Most of the popular NES games like Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, Duck Tales, etc can easily be played using this gaming controller. It might be an old controller but it helped the people to experience the most innovative gaming facilities in the initial stages of console games.

Alienware alpha and Alienware controller

Alienware Alpha was a highly popular gaming console manufactured by Alienware. This gaming console has now been discontinued by the manufacturer but you can still purchase it from any online selling store. This console came in two variants i.e. Alpha and Alpha R2.

Alpha has now been discontinued whereas the R2 version is still running. You can use these consoles whether as the console or the ordinary PC CPU. Alienware alpha and Alienware controller is always a question in the user’s mind. There is no official wired or wireless controller released by Alienware to use with this console. You can either use your PC accessories to control the gameplay or you can also use Xbox 360 gaming controller too.

There is no specific reason for the discontinuation is there but you can still enjoy the same experience using the R2 version. Alienware is one of the leading gaming service provider firms. So, whenever you want to play the games in this console, you can easily connect it with your PC peripherals i.e. keyboard, mouse, speaker and monitor to start playing the games. It comes with all the ports which are required to connect all these peripherals with your console.

How to connect the XBOX 360 controller with Alienware Alpha?

You must have a wireless XBOX 360 receiver to connect the wireless controllers with your console. So, makes sure to purchase the controllers along with their receiver module too.

  • Connect the XBOX 360 controller with the console using the USB port given on its back
  • Insert the batteries in your controller and it is ready for the setup process
  • Now, press and hold the guide button to turn the controller it on
  • Press the connect button given on the receiver until a green light flashes
  • Now, press the connect button given on the controller on its backside
  • A green light will flash on the guide button. When it stops doing this, your controller is configured and connected with the console.

We hope, now you can easily use your Alienware alpha and Alienware controller using this Xbox 360 controller. Most of the Alienware Alpha and R2 users use this controller to play the games in this console. It is a wireless controller and works very well for the Alienware console. You can try connecting other controllers like PS3 or NES to this console but you must have the wireless receiver devices for this.

Final Verdict

These best PC controller have their roles in the enhancement of the gaming industry. Lots of other controllers are left which were also very popular in their working times. But, these are the someones who made huge differences. Everyone has their requirements and choices. You might be having a different taste, others might have anything else. So, we have covered the consoles from all the gaming console generations.

These consoles have helped lots of kids and adults to pass their free times playing their favorite games. We hope you are now aware of each console and their various offerings for the gamers. If you have any type of question related to this article, feel free to share your feedback in the comment section. We will feel more than happier by listening to your queries.