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Animal Jam is a very famous platform among the kids which allows them to explore various animals with the help of an online environment. In this article, we are going to know everything about this online platform known as animal jam and various popular animal jam codes. This game is quite popular among children from all over the world for its educational effects and security controls with an attractive game interface.

Animal Jam Codes

Animal Jam is a type of online game for kids developed by WildWorks. It was launched in 2010 with a collaboration with the National Geographic Society. Animal Jam is the fastest-growing gaming community with about 160 million registered players. With the help of these games, the players are educated with various zoological facts and information about the animals.

There are lots of games to play with its help. With its up growing popularity, Animal Jam has become the attraction for various toy production companies, children’s books, and subscription books.

This platform is generally used online by going to its official website but now it is available for all kinds of devices including smartphones, tablets, and iOS. The most popular Animal jam app is Play Wild. It is a 3d game available exclusively from Animal Jam developers.

Animal Jam Gameplay

To play games in Animal Jam, the user is required to create a free account on the official website with some basic details. You will be asked to choose your animal avatar. The game runs on Adobe Flash engine using any web browsing software.

After creating an account, you are ready to play games into it. You will be guided through the basic details of the games. You can skip them if you want.

Why it is famous?

You can choose your favorite animal from the available six animals such as Rabbit, Tiger, Panda, Wolf, Koala, and Monkey. You are also free to customize the visuals of your animal like colors, clothes, etc. You will get diamonds in the game to use as currency.

A paid membership is also available which has to be purchased with real money. With the paid membership, you will be allowed to use some special features like dens, pets, adventures, etc.

Children love animals and if the games are giving varieties of animals to choose from with fantastic gameplay and environment then the game will definitely receive love from everyone.

What are Animal Jam Codes?

Along with its educational offerings, animal jam also gives occasional offer codes to receive special awards and purchases. There are some codes that are available all the time to get additional rewards and coins to do purchases in the game.

You may need animal jam codes if you want to purchase something and have a low amount of diamonds or animal jam currency. If you are out of currency and want to buy special avatars and clothes of the animals then you can use animal jam codes to get extra money instantly.

List of Animal Jam Promo Codes 2021

Below are some popular and fully working animal jam codes that will provide you with various rewards. We will also show you the process of using these codes after the list. There are two types of codes, first which gives us free gems, and second which gives us various gifts such as characters, clothes, and prizes.

Active and Working Animal Jam codes:

  • fastfalcon:750 Gems
  • slowsloth:750 Gems
  • fuzzytiger:750 Gems
  • cheerycheetah:750 Gems
  • adorableotter:750 Gems
  • livelylynx:750 Gems
  • playfulpanda:750 Gems
  • funnyfox:750 Gems
  • wiseowl:750 Gems
  • luckyllama:750 Gems
  • poshpig:750 Gems
  • clevercoyote:750 Gems
  • wileywolf:750 Gems
  • sneakycougar:750 Gems
  • quickhorse:750 Gems
  • billygoat:750 Gems
  • touchytoucan:750 Gems
  • dashingdolphin:750 Gems
  • lovablelemur:750 Gems
  • supersheep:750 Gems
  • loudlion:750 Gems
  • sillyseal:750 Gems
  • curiousraccoon:750 Gems
  • cuddlykoala:750 Gems
  • swiftdeer:750 Gems

Also Check: Gems Promo Codes

  • Annual2play: 900 Gems
  • Ajtresurechest: 1000 Gems
  • Koala: 500 Gems
  • NGKAJ19: 500 Gems
  • Dynamitejams: 500 Gems
  • Beeparty: 500 Gems
  • AJBDAY7: 777Gems
  • adorebleotter: 750 Gems
  • billygoat: 750 Gems
  • cheerycheetah: 750 Gems
  • coolpolarbear: 750 Gems
  • cuddlykoala: 750 Gems
  • dashingdolphin: 750 Gems
  • fastfalcon: 750 Gems
  • funnyfox: 750 Gems
  • jammerjeoy: 750 Gems
  • loudilin: 750 Gems
  • poshpig: 750 Gems
  • sillyseal: 750 gems
  • swiftdear: 750 Gems
  • wileywolf: 750 Gems
  • explorer: 100 Gems
  • NGKAJ18: 500 Gems
  • slowsloth: 750 Gems
  • luckyllama: 750 Gems
  • wiseowl: 750 Gems
  • playfulpanda: 750 Gems
  • loveablelemur: 750 Gems
  • clevercoyote: 750 gems
  • fuzzytiger: 750 Gems
  • livelylynx: 750 Gems
  • quickhorse: 750 Gems
  • touchytoucan: 750 Gems

Important note: This is all above promo codes related to Gems and it’s used as per your requirements.

Items Promo Codes:

  • penguins: penguin animal, a pet penguin
  • AJBDAY8: 8th Birthday Cake
  • juno: Hidden juno statue
  • pirateship: Lost treasure book
  • wintergame: Mystery at Shiveer Book
  • paws4friends: Reader’s Lamp
  • riddlethis: Phantom’s secret book
  • heartstone: Call of Alpha’s book

Latest Information: sapphires and a new aj code will be updated soon.

How do these Jam Promo codes work?

All the jam codes given above are the latest and fully working. As the rewards are shown with the jam code, they will give you the rewards in your account wallets. You will receive them instantly after applying the codes. Items promo codes are available only to receive special item gifts.

If you are not able to unlock some special features and characters in the game then you can try any of the above item promo codes.

How to use Jam Promo Codes

If you do not know the process of using these promo codes then we are here to teach you this too. The process of using these codes is very easy. There are two basic methods to use these promo codes and both are explained in detail below.

Apply promo code while login

When you create an account and try to login into your account, you will see a line mentioned and ‘I have a promo code’. Mark the checkbox and type any of the animal jam promo codes given above in the list. Once you are successfully logged in to your account. You will see the reward which you received by the promo code on the next screen. It is the simplest and basic technique to use animal jam codes.

Apply promo code by going to the settings menu

If you are logged into your account and forget to use the promo code then do not worry. There is a way to use the codes even after you are logged in to your account. You just have to click on the setting icon given in the upper right corner of the screen.

Steps to redeem codes:

  1. Click on the setting icon.
  2. Now click on Redeem Code option given besides AJ code option
  3. Enter your code in the next dialogue box and click on Continue
  4. You will see a box on the next screen, click on it and it will reveal your reward
  5. If the code did not work, try applying another one.

Where to get Animal Jam membership codes?

Above are the most popular codes with the full assurance of their working but you can get the latest and trending codes with the help of some other mediums too. All the methods to get the best and latest promo codes are listed below.

Buy gift cards

You can go to the famous retail stores to get membership gift cards along with their gift codes. You can also get them by going to the official website of animal jam. After purchasing them, you have to use them in the same way as discussed above.

Most of the retail stores like Walmart, Kroger, CVS, and Toys R US offer different gift cards for the time periods of one month, three months, and one-year memberships. Or you can get them also on online stores like the Walmart website, eBay and Paypal.

National Geographic Magazines

If you are a magazine reader then National Geographic magazines offer various special gift and animal jam membership codes during some periods of the years. You will see lots of codes there and sometimes you can get membership gift cards for up to 30 days too. You can contact your nearest retail store to get the latest national geographic magazine and try searching for codes inside it.

What is Animal Jam-Play Wild?

Animal Jam-Play Wild is the latest mobile game developed to enjoy 3d animal games on our mobile devices. There is dedicated game software developed to enjoy the games in different operating systems like Android, iOS, etc.

This application provides extra gaming functionalities to increase the fun in the games. You can use your existing accounts and access the games without registering again. The only limitation is that you cannot transfer the currency which you was used in the ordinary website account.

Where to get Animal Jam-Play Wild?

This game is officially available on popular application stores like Play Store, iTunes Store, and Amazon store. You can download it for free and start playing just after installing.

Benefits of Animal Jam for Kids

With its children-centered gameplay and wonderful visuals, this platform gives the chance to learn the things which are required to achieve a good personality. Some of the benefits of this game are given below.

Safety and infusion

This game provides a parent’s dashboard to adjust the limitations to the account and gameplay. Parents can decide the thing which should be allowed or disallowed for their children.

There are certain chat filters to maintain the privacy and security of the players. There is an option of the in-game chat which is can be restricted to secure and semi-secure chat. You are only allowed to type the predefined phrases given in the chat suggestions.

Educational Effects

The game provides a positive effect on the player’s brain to conserve the environment and love the animals. As the game is fully focused on the animals, the players can get details about various animals with the help of this platform.

So, instead of letting your children play other games, you can tell them to use animal jam.

Parental Control

This education platform won the award of ‘Best app for kids 2017’ and ‘Fun stuff award for Parent’s choice in 2016’. The game provides various customization options to the parent to optimize the use of game features.

You are free to manage everything related to the game online with the parent dashboard easily. In this way, the game is mostly preferred by the children and parents too.

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Final Words

This was all about the Animal Jam Codes for Diamonds and Gems. If you find any expired or non-working code then use the comment section to highlight it.

We will keep updating the list occasionally and try to give you the trending and working codes. Feel free to give your feedback about the article.

We would love to hear from your side now.